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  1. Guys on another forum recommended chocks also. That’s what I’m gonna do if I buy the car
  2. The entire front end is new except the steering box. I got a response on another forum on how to fill it full of grease then adjust half turn till it feels right and there’s a small amount of turn in the steering wheel before the tires turn. Assuming I do buy the car I’ll do that.
  3. I’ve lurked on this forum some for a while. I am finally (51 years old) looking at buying a 69 fastback after my dad sold one he and I restored when I was in high school. Been wanting one ever since. The car is in real nice shape. Seems to have been restored well. It’s not original, but that’s not something I’m particularly worried about. One issue that the seller pointed out before I drove the car is that he felt the steering had too much play in it. Now I know they’re supposed to have some play and it’s been 30 years since I drove one but I felt like it had a little too much play in it also. How do I go about determining if there’s enough adjustment still in it or if it needs to be replaced? if it makes a difference, it’s a factory power steering car.
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