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  1. Hi Guys Billy from down under , chasing 1970 mustang coupe deck filler panel , if anybody has a donour car the could cut one out for me and post that would be great , or if anybody has replaced before advice would be great cheers Billy
  2. hey guys chasing a 1970 coupe deck filler panel _ anybody have a donor car they could cut piece out of billy from down under
  3. Sorry didn't know protocol on forum Billy from Melbourne , Australia , weird why you cant get filler for 70 you can get just about everything else , seems like a problem area the is commonly rusted out attached pic as you can see its totally missing
  4. Hi Gang I cannot find 1970 coupe deck filler panel , only available for a fastback or conv , wondering if a 68 coupe will fit , also no listing for trunk hinges or pins , again only for fastback , would love to know what anybody has done to modify or source cheers Billy from down under
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