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  1. I found the left one and got it the other day. A buddy of mine got the other one from Facebook, which is still in transit.
  2. Sent MustangMania an email over a week ago, no response yet. Bought an LH one on ebay yesterday. Still looking for the RH one.
  3. Was able to find the LH one, still looking for a RH one.
  4. If he wants it back, all he has to do is ask. :) I'm looking for a pair of upper corner trim caps for a non fold down seat
  5. I have an non fold down rear seat in my Mach 1, but i'm missing 2 small pieces of trim. It's the upper corner trim RH and LH side. Part number should be C9ZB-6330A62-BW AND C9ZB-6330A63-BW If anyone has a pair (or either one), i would love to take if off your hands. Example:
  6. Hello folks, thought i give a little intro. My name is Steffan, age 38, and i'm from the Netherlands. For the last 10ish year or so i've been restoring a 1969 Mach 1. I'm now down to the nitty gritty stage of the built. Main reason i joined is because i'm looking for a pair of hard to find interior trim pieces. I've kept an eye on Ebay, but offers are scarce and never as a pair. Posted an ad on VMF with only 1 reply and no responces since. Hopefully one of you can help me out. I'll post in the proper section in a few mins. My car below, hoodscoop is stll at the paintshop.
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