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  1. I have a TKX in my 69 coupe and it is mounted with the second bracket that you have pictured, the oblong holes are towards the rear of the car, so based on the picture I would say it mounts on the back
  2. I just did the TKX in my '69 Coupe, and I would absolutely recommend it, I used it to convert my FMX to a 5spd, only hole I had to cut was for the clutch master. It is about half of the size as the FMX, and I would definitely recommend the hydraulic clutch with it. I cant speak for what the cable clutch feels like, but the hydraulic is very easy to operate. I did it through modern driveline and Bruce over there was super helpful getting me set up with it. (Ignore the poor pain work, that has been fixed, but that will give you an idea of how it fits
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