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  1. I'll have to be the third one then Jim! What do you recommend to prime the white gel coat on the sail panels? I'm getting ready to paint my original panels (DarkRed) with acrylic so wondering what primer to use. Locals say use a plastic prep as used on bumpers followed by normal primer or an epoxy primer. Trying to keep the texture too...
  2. My sail panels finally got to Adelaide a couple of weeks ago - Thanks Jim. Great job! Would you be interested in looking at the 69 Fastback front seat back. I believe they were fiberglass? TMI have repos so I could get them sent to you to use - I'm sure yours will be so much better with the texture, etc Cheers, Jon
  3. Many thanks for the pics guys. I'll show them to the glass guy I usually use. He normally uses the heated type of sealing on the front windscreen. Unfortunately, the liner was gone when the fastback was purchased. The latest liner looks ok, but the two rear tensioning springs could not be used as the bows did not line up with the holes. Have decided to order another liner tomorrow & hope the color will match.
  4. Thanks for the replies. I haven't found anyone here who can tell me if the replacement will be able to be cut just inside the screen glue. I know that with the molding holds it pretty good and allows the liner to be replaced without the front screen removal. It's expensive here to do again (approx $300 + screen & rear window removal/replacement cost) especially if the second is the same as the first. My front and rear glass / moldings were poorly done so I guess I'll risk another liner.
  5. Similar to the rust in my fastback trunk lid and usual lower door corners. Cut the rust out and made a bath/box to immersed them in a citric acid solution to get rid of any other unseen rust. Followed up with a phosphoric acid dip and hot dry before paint. Will finish up with a rust inhibiter wax soon while the weather Downunder is still hot.
  6. Had a new headliner put in after paint. The bars didn't line up with existing holes and the two springs to keep the bows upright were too short. The installer adapted and it looks ok. Main issue is the length didn't have enough to fold a bit under the front windscreen prior to install. It is held ok so far by the front headliner molding. Is this ok or should I get another headliner?
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