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  1. Normally, I could take or leave a full vinyl top but those tops that only cover part of the roof look especially bad, IMO. I was still tempted by the Grande I looked at because it was a little unusual according to what I gleaned off the internet. Apparently there aren't an abundance of '70 Grandes out there (compared to '69 and '71-'73), and fewer still with a 351 (most '69-'70 Grandes are 302s, apparently) and the 3/4 vinyl top. It was an interesting car, but not that attractive and one with some rust issues for too high a price.
  2. That'll be a great looking car once everything is said and done!
  3. Whoa, looks very nice! The color turned out great!
  4. Looks very clean! I almost bought a white, '70 Grande (with an ugly 3/4 vinyl top) last year but it was much rougher than yours.
  5. Looks good, but I've never had any experience shipping a car halfway across the country.
  6. The Camaro will do okay for the time being, but once the new 5.0 comes out, I think the Mustang will pull ahead (pun intended)...
  7. The Camaro will do okay for the time being, but once the new 5.0 comes out, I think the Mustang will pull ahead (pun intended)...
  8. I know you want a fastback, but is a coupe out of the question? I'm sure you could find a decent, driver-quality '69-'70 coupe for under $10k. Like you, I'm in my mid-20s and have been a Mustang fan since grammar school. A few years ago, I finally got a job that allowed me to seriously think about buying a vintage Mustang and I started out looking for a '65-'70 fastback. I quickly discovered that even solid, driver quality fastbacks for sub-10k were few and far between. I eventually expanded my search and ran across quite a decent little '69 coupe for considerably less than a fastback in much lesser condition would've cost. Since it was my first Mustang it has been a great car to learn from with much less money out of pocket. I'll still get a fastback (or 5) sometime in my lifetime, but for now my little coupe is quite satisfactory! :tongue_smilie:
  9. Well here is another problem I'm having: The radio is not "remembering" the time and station presets. Everytime I turn the car on, the time is reset to 12:00 am. I do have the yellow "memory" wire hooked up to the radio, which a friend of mine told me was easy to forget to do. I traced the yellow wire back and saw it went to the emergency flasher fuse (which, like the radio, should always receive power regardless of whether the electrics are on or if the car is running) in the fuse box. The fuse was shot and the flashers were not working, so I got a new fuse thinking this would fix the problem. The flashers now work, but the radio problem still hasn't been fixed. How is this possible when the wire is coming from the now working fuse? Could it be that the wire itself is defective? Is there another constant power source that the yellow wire should pull from?
  10. This is the radio: http://www.retrosoundusa.com/products/category/id/1 As I suspected I was missing something obvious. I didn't consider that the shafts are not only adjustable side-to-side but also in and out. D'oh! :whistling:
  11. I'm about to install (or attempt to) a Retrosound Model One radio in my '69 coupe. These radios are known for being versatile and modular, fitting a wide range of applications. When I mock the radio up with my radio bezel I notice the radio knobs stick out way too far. Does anyone here have any experience with these radios? Did you have this problem? If so, how did you rectify it? There are still some things I might could try, but I'm wondering if I'm missing something obvious...
  12. I'll bet! Looking forward to pics!
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