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  1. Hi all - wie and i bought our much wanted 69 project 3 weeks ago! we have been very busy working on the girl - the tranny and front end was totally shot so I ordered a disc conversion kit, suspension kits and poly bushings. Got everything buttoned up today after setting the alignment somewhat close- rebuilt the tranny and shes quiet and SUPER smooth now- Does the front drum master cylinder work differently? because testing it up and down the road today I noticed on every 2nd pedal press there were hardly any brakes- after that super firm pedal. Ive been workign on my own brakes for 30 years but never had drum front. Also - initial alignment setup do u just make the strut arms the same length ad work from there? Cant see any front end damage and strut towers in perfect shape.. this has the original 250 in it so has no been thrashed. Replaced rear and front shocks too- had to turn my original hbs down on the lathe to accept the rotors- but other than that everything bolted up real nice. some pics-
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