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  1. I am converting from an FMX auto to a 4-speed toploader in my 69. I've done some research on the linkage and release bearing but still am not sure which combination will work. I plan on using the Z-bar linkage but with a diaphragm style release bearing so I can switch from the original lever clutch to diaphragm design. Can I just switch to the diaphragm release bearing and clutch? Does the stock clutch fork work?
  2. Thanks for the feedback. I just started removing the interior but once I trial fit the tranny in place I'll report back with some photos.
  3. Thanks for the valuable information. It will certainly save me a headache or two. Do you remember which shift lever was used, angled or straight? Or does it matter? I'm planning on replacing the auto center console insert with the manual insert and be done with it.
  4. I have a 4-speed toploader with a Hurst Super Shifter that will be installed into my 69 Mach 1. It is missing the shift lever. Hurst lists p/n 5387238 which is straight with no offset. I would like to install a lever that is angled back, more like a traditional OEM style lever. Does anyone have any experience with utilizing a lever that is angled back with the Super Shifter in a Mach? Perhaps a different brand, etc.
  5. Thanks RPM. I am planning on doing my own alignment since it seems that fewer shops have the experience with these older cars. I'll start with the specs you've listed above.
  6. Thanks for the feedback, guys. I am still a few weeks away from starting the tear down but am planning ahead to minimize surprises.
  7. I am planning on performing the Shelby drop in my 69 Mach. I have the stock slotted chrome rims. Will the movement of the upper control arm create a clearance issue with the rims or other components? Is a stock upper ball joint o.k. to use or is a heavy duty unit required?
  8. I am planning on converting my 69 Mach from the FMX to a 4-speed Toploader. It has a Hurst shifter. Will I need to modify the opening in the console or can I just add a rubber boot?
  9. My 69 Mach has the original style dual exhaust with resonators and transverse muffler. I have never been a fan of the transverse muffler being positioned right next to the fuel tank due to tight packaging and being a heat source. Has anyone ever ran just the resonators or would this be similar to straight pipes and not a good choice for street use? If dual mufflers are the way to go, any recommendations?
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