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  1. Thanks for all the info. I ended up getting a longer belt and grinding down the bracket. Just waiting on my fusible link to show up.
  2. Thanks, I emailed PA and they said they have heard of the problem but it's not common. I think I will try a longer belt like you mentioned. Another question, my harness did not have the three pin connector for the alternator. It appears the previous owner snipped it off and just twisted the wires together and taped them up (yikes). Anyways since the wires were already cut, I figured I could just dead end and heat shrink the black wire (the original B+ wire for alternator). Looking at the wire diagram everything should still work correctly except for the ammeter, which I'm not worried about (I have a voltage gauge). Am I correct in this thinking?
  3. I reclocked it so that my electrical connections were where I need them, but the bolts will always be in one of three different spots. The threaded hole is on the face of the alternator which is where the mounting points are. So no matter how I clock it, there will always be a bolt in that spot. The part number is 1614E. Maybe I have the wrong one?
  4. I'm having trouble mounting my alternator to the vehicle. This is a PA 3G alternator on 69 351w. One of the long housing bolts guys my mounting bracket that is bolted to the head. I can get the belt on and tighten mounting bolts but I fear that alternator housing bolt is going to be sitting against my mounting bracket. Maybe it won't cause an issue bit I'm worried that constant pressure may crack the case. Had anyone else had this issue?
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