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  1. thanks for the info , I am looking to stay with a power booster just need to find the right combo, I do want to use a wilwood master cylinder, need find a booster that will work
  2. Has anyone switch from power brakes to wilwood manual master cylinder ? I am going to do that but can I use the same brake pedal, I was told I may need to change the pedal, does anyone know if you need to ? taking any suggestions on the subject
  3. sorry I already rip it off , I'm going with Street or Track coil over set up
  4. So I just install a TCP coil over system on my 1969 mach 1 , everything going well till I try to but my coil overs in, I got the shock extension on the verishocks , but when I go to install them they hit the upper control arm , I call TCP and they said that they will not hit at ride Hight , but should they not hit at the full travel of the shock??? has anyone use this set up in their car ?? Any issues with it??
  5. thanks for the info > saw the the bolt but didn't want to do anything till I was sure
  6. Has anyone done firewall forward wiring ? Was going to attempt it my self but how do you remove the plug from the firewall ? and what is on the other side? I saw the kits on CJ Pony Parts
  7. Don't want to spend that type of money on a steering column , and I'm most likely going with a 13 inch wheel any way, just wanted to get some input on a after market column Thanks for the help i will keep you in mind if i do
  8. Want to put a tilt wheel steering in my 69 Mach 1 , any thoughts on what column to use ? trying to to find a OEM one but no luck. I'm a big guy so guess I will have to go with after market
  9. ok one more thing what is the best paint or under coating to put on my frame rails and floors after I take off all of old stuff off
  10. thanks for all the info , I am going to go with coil overs but do I stay with the stock steering ? i am going to try and do the work my self
  11. I want to upgrade my front suspension , thinking about coil over but don't want to go to crazy and kind of on a budget, any suggestions
  12. Hi everyone was thinking about putting wilwood calibers and rotors on my 69 Mach 1 , I already have dis in front , can I just swap them and keep the same master cylinder set up?
  13. THANKS , it was the solenoid, look everywhere for a motorcraft , I got one from napa for now I'll have to order one on line
  14. I have a 69 Mach 1 351 Windsor starter will not disengage once motor is started
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