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  1. Im fabbing a brace/ jig for the front so basicly the apron supports can rest on it like a cradle using all the measurements. havent decided how to handle the rear though.
  2. Anyone here tackle this job on your own. im working on the front with aprons, taking measurements frame to frame, frame to firewall, frame to ground etc. looks like rears gonna be fun
  3. awesome good news then. I'll just upgrade the components vs redoing the entire front. still learning here, ive been big into diesel performance so this is definitely learning curve for me
  4. So whats the best book/manual for our 69 mustang complete breakdown of parts, body parts, brackets, support bracing etc. it seems im missing alot from the one I bought recently trying to figure exactly what is needed via Cjpony is becoming PITA
  5. So a stroke 351 would fit with the factory aprons without an issue ? any cross member issues ? should I change the suspension and ditch the factory setup.
  6. Mike I was thinking going with a 351w 393 stroker setup. plan to build the engine bay to make that work. still trying to dig info on options what works what doesn't.
  7. whats everyone running for front end option ? conversion ?
  8. Almost got everything out of the dash area so far.
  9. Na I plan to get it all media blasted once I gut everything. Plan to go with a dark true blue with metallic flake as of now. hoping to hear everyone's opinion various setups either bolt on or etc. be nice to know various options.
  10. Hey guys came across this forum thought I'd drop in. Coming from a different side of things been into diesel performance since 2005, grew up around all Fords. Dad had a 70s Ranchero with 428. hoping to gain as much knowledge a and help as possible. To main topic I picked up a 69 Ford Mustang, had a 302 with 351 heads on it. She's gonna need some sheet metal its been sitting for the last 8years motor was running prior to removal. I've decide this build list so far opinions and options or adjustments would be great. Cowl doesn't leak any water into the floor board but drive side torque box is rusted thru. Floor pan seems pretty sold, may have to do B post small rust spot. Trunk area solid frame rails no holes. I have restore manual but nothing with alot of specs or exact pieces names. 351w 393 stroker IFS front ? brand ? CJpony or dynacorn body parts ? Rear Axle choices or setup ? I did decided to do basicly frame up gonna do as much metal as I can.
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