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  1. Yes. It still sticks out the same amount but I cut in down the center. The adjustment does differ a little from side to side.
  2. Thank you all, great feedback. I only recently saw the Tan roof option. I'll see what after market interior options would match this direction. I can understand your point about having a material option that has better airflow would suit a convertible. @Vicfreg. I've watch your thread with great interest. I admire your skills and have used your story to help with parts of my project. Thanks for sharing it. PS are you going glass or plastic rear window in your roof?
  3. I also had issue with the regulator hitting the window upper stop
  4. I installed nu-relic rear quarter windows in my 1969 convertible. I only removed a small amount of metal for them to fit
  5. Looking for some advice from this knowledgeable community. First, thank you to all the regular contributors to this site. The information you post has help me immensely on my car over the last few year. My build is finished from a body and mechanical perspective and I'm now working through design and planning on the interior. First here is a picture of the car. The intent is to have a more modern approach to the build. With the roof I'm leaning towards a more modern finish and going with a canvas material rather then the traditional vinyl. Has anyone here have advice on which manufacturers to go with and is this a good idea? If this was your car what color would you go? Black Off white Tan For interior finish, I'm currently leaning towards a custom made tan interior. I was recently told that vinyl material would be better for a convertible and leather will get damaged in the sun quickly. Anyone have any experience thoughts on this? Would appreciate all feedback as I'm struggling with next steps. Cheers Don from down under.
  6. I used a cutoff wheel to cut down the centre then across so it left enough to stop the window but clearance the motor arm. The second photo is the trimmed stopper.
  7. I went with the nu-relic kit. It works well but had 2 clearances to sort out with the quarter window. The first one is described in the paperwork but I also had a clearance issue with one of the stoppers. Really enjoying your thread. It has helped me with my 69 Converible build.
  8. Hi Paige302 Where abouts in Australia are you from? (Saw you in the Aussie Mustang Forum as the same question)
  9. I'm using the same wheel on my car. 17x7 Front with 245/45 17x8 Rear with 255/45
  10. Thx Vicfreg. I'll create a project thread soon.
  11. I went with body color. Con is it will show more dirty, oil and grime but I love the look.
  12. Enjoying watching your progress Vicfreg. I'm in the process of assembling my 69 convertible so your journey is a great learning tool for me. With the rear tack strips. Did you replace or refurbish? I see you can buy just the tack strip material and use the original metal frame. Any recommendation of which path to take?
  13. Where the 4 into 1 occurs we cut there and angled away from the transmission to clearance and allow enough room for the shifter linkage.
  14. I have a 69 with a Windsor 5.0 stroked to 347, borgeson power steering and AOD. The Pace Maker headers fit in the engine bay but had to get modified to clearance the AOD. Pace Maker is an Aussie company. only the left hand side needed modifications
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