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  1. Thx Vicfreg. I'll create a project thread soon.
  2. I went with body color. Con is it will show more dirty, oil and grime but I love the look.
  3. Enjoying watching your progress Vicfreg. I'm in the process of assembling my 69 convertible so your journey is a great learning tool for me. With the rear tack strips. Did you replace or refurbish? I see you can buy just the tack strip material and use the original metal frame. Any recommendation of which path to take?
  4. Where the 4 into 1 occurs we cut there and angled away from the transmission to clearance and allow enough room for the shifter linkage.
  5. I have a 69 with a Windsor 5.0 stroked to 347, borgeson power steering and AOD. The Pace Maker headers fit in the engine bay but had to get modified to clearance the AOD. Pace Maker is an Aussie company. only the left hand side needed modifications
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