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  1. I don't see in the video where he shows how to attach the vertical channel?
  2. Needs: Trim piece that goes between the top of the back seat and the package tray Trim pieces on the top left and right of the back seat, between the seat and package tray Items 2 and 3 I'd really appreciate it! I'm in Johnson City, TN 37601
  3. I saw that on eBay last night haha. So far it doesn't look like they're produced. Thanks!
  4. I guess I’m asking for a specific name. I searched fill panel and didn’t see anything.
  5. Thanks just figured it out haha. Had to set some pliers on the collar and tap the cable into the hole. Tight fit. Then I pushed the plastic clip to one side and sure enough it fell right into place. I chucked the cable into my drill and slowly turned it to see if it works. This cable is cut in two and I was just getting ready for the new one I ordered. Thanks again
  6. Need help attaching the speedo cable to the back of the gauge. I just bought the car unfinished and I'm getting close. It looks like I'm missing something, but I don't know how to search the part. Currently the cable just sits in the hole and it's not secured. There's a screw missing, so I'm guessing it needs some kind of hold down?
  7. I just bought a 69 Fastback that I'm finishing and it has the TMI seats. Looking to swap or buy a different set, because my head is touching the headliner. Please reply or send a pm with what you have. I'm looking at something I can either bolt in or add my tracks and definitely prefer OEM. I'm in NE TN, Johnson City. Thanks ahead, Jimong as it's vinyl and I
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