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  1. Been working on the factory evaporator/heater case. It's got several bad cracks and a couple of holes plus the tongue and groove is broke in one place and weak where the clips hold it together in a few spots.
  2. Yes, I love that blue. I'm trying to find out the background on it for the missing parts that need paint.
  3. LOTS of new parts! I do need a good though.
  4. LOTS of new parts! I do need a good though.
  5. I'll start out by saying I'm more familiar with GM issues so here is what I've found in those cases. The plug for the column or the turn signal switch are your most likely culprits based on your having brake lights and 4ways.
  6. About 6 weeks ago I lucked into a partially completed project. It's for my wife. 351 W, painted seats upholstered, floor pans done, rear disc brakes, all new steering gear and suspension and lots of new trim parts. We've ordered the evaporator core for the factory air.
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