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  1. Hi All. I'm back LOL. All I can say is I am FRAKIN STUMPED. To Update. The Emergency Flashers work fine, all of the outside corners flash as do the in dash Flasher/turn signal lights. But the turn signals do NOT work 1 - I have just replaced the in column turn signal switch and made sure all of the wires are connected in the plug correctly. 2 - I have replaced the two flasher units and I have switched them back and forth, in the dash, to make sure they both work and still the Emer Flashers work, the turn signals do NOT. 3 - Cleaned all terminals in the fuse box and replaced the 14Amp fuse. 4 - I replaced all of the bulbs with new ones I have studied the wiring schematic for the turn sig switch and wiring, checked all the wires in those circuits for broken wires and everything looks good. I checked the in plug connectors also and everything looks snug there also. So Im thinking my question is: Why would the flashers still work and the turn signals not? I put a volt meter on the Emergency Flasher circuit and the voltage flashes 12V to 0 as the flashers work. I have constant voltage at the turn signal flasher unit connectors, that comes straight from the fuse box it looks like. Sorry guys. Hate to bring this subject up again. If I can work out how the turn signals function seperately from the Emergency Flashers maybe I can debug this. Cheers and thanks for any insights. Steve
  2. She's a 1968 actually. Coup. 289, C4.
  3. Thanks but that does not do anything. The crazy thing is I get power to the flasher connector when I click right or left on the turn signals. But the lights do not work, dash wise or on the corners. But the emergency flashers work all around.
  4. Mach1Rider how do I find Midlife. New to the site so not sure. I tried a search, nothing came up
  5. Thanks for the response. 1157 yes, 552 yes on both flashers
  6. Thanks in advance for ANY input :) OK so I have already spent hours reading through online thread re: Turn signals not working and flashers do. Tried a ton of things but still having the issue. This is where I am: Emergency flashers work. Turn signals do not. I have replaced the fuse, in column turn signal switch, and flasher units. I even switch the flasher units and the emergency flashers still worked, turn signals not. Brake lights work. Lights work. Dash lights work. Flashers stay solid and don't flash when brake peddle used. I have voltage going to and through the turn signal flasher unit connector and the flasher unit when the turn singles are activated, but the lights still don't work. So currently stumped :) Jeez and help will be appreciated. Stephen
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