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    RPM reacted to Ridge Runner in What Coating   
    All the ones i have are silver cad plated ,the very tip about 1 inch is rubber coated ,the flat plate is body color ,sometimes you will see under the cowl where they laid them there while painting the car and it left the out line with primer showing where they were sitting 
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    RPM reacted to Rsanter in Mentorships and where to find them?   
    Find local mustang people around you.
    offer to get together and work on cars, offer to help them on their car.
    i have had several apprentices over the years, one was a younger guy from work that knew a little about cars. He would come over and help me with my cars and I would help hum as well as give him a place to work on his car.
    currently it’s my daughters x-boyfriend. He has learned a lot about cars from me as well as helping me a lot around the shop
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    RPM got a reaction from susan1969 in Need Holley 4279 venturi body   
    Looks like a new carb. 
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    RPM reacted to RogerC in 69 SuperCoupe   
    Working on the R quarter skin, attached with screws at the moment. Need to do some more trimming and fitting. No pics.
    Also working on the rh dash panel. Was trying to figure where I wanted to put my clock.

    I figured to add a small pod on the right side but it escalated to a symmetrical pod spanning the rh panel.

    Clock to go on right side angled face, visible to driver. Might add a usb charge port on left angled face and a courtesy light on the bottom. Also adding 71 dash emblem on flat and offset to the right. Will probably rivet the pod to the panel when done.

    Cut the backside open.

    Wet sanded and primered again.

    Needs further sanding & primer.
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    RPM reacted to RogerC in 69 SuperCoupe   
    Finished gas pedal

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    RPM reacted to RogerC in 69 SuperCoupe   
    Have been working on making a new accelerator pedal assembly. I didn't see an easy way to clean and modify the oem piece to work with the replacement generic cable so I went down that rabbit hole and set about creating a custom pedal. I still need to put a jog in the pedal arm and trim the cable end before welding things together. Also want to add a couple of gussets to the clevis.

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    RPM reacted to Brian Conway in Difference between Tail Light panels, 69 &70   
    FWIW; my 69 quarter extensions are fiberglass and are C9ZB-11-C and 10 C.  The 69-taillight panel is definitely curved top to bottom.  Fitment on exterior tops and sides is quite good.  With the trunk lid open gaps are obvious on both sides and in different locations.  I think the outward appearance was/is more important than the symmetry.  Brian
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    RPM reacted to paulb in Paul's 69 Mach1   
    Strut brace made up, a bit more color  added

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    RPM reacted to Mach1 Driver in ProFlo 4 anyone?   
    I explained the problem of the PF4 not fitting under the hood a 69 with a 351w, and they responded to all my questions including my question about milling down the pad. They included the air horn height so they get an extra Brownie Point because I didn't have to look it up ;)
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    RPM reacted to Caseyrhe in 69 Boss 302 postage stamp   
    Philatelic catalog just came out, going to be releasing some muscle car Fore ever stamps, 5 different cars, but one is a yellow 69 Boss 302. Scheduled to release 8/25/22. 
    here’s the link if interested 
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    RPM got a reaction from capemustang in Mentorships and where to find them?   
    This guy has several easy to follow Holley tuning video.
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    RPM got a reaction from Mach1 Driver in Mentorships and where to find them?   
    This guy has several easy to follow Holley tuning video.
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    RPM reacted to Ridge Runner in Just a little somthin for me!   
    I bought one of those harbor freight car ports to keep it in ,last night i was in the house and i hear a car running ,i go out side and the car port is blown up like a balloon  . Some how it started ,and i dont have any idea how long it ran ,i thought my brother started it but he said no ,i did have the remote in my pocked and i must have bumped it but i never heard it start and its fairly loud when it does . I checked on it all night just to make sure it didnt drive off on its own !
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    RPM reacted to emorybritt in Carburetor selection for Mildly Built 302   
    Here I am, 5 years later googling a about my carb again and look, a post with my details with amazing suggestions! Funny how forums are still the goat for this stuff.
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    RPM reacted to Mach1 Driver in Just a little somthin for me!   
    Wait a minute, isn't that mixing prunes and cherries?
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    RPM reacted to Ridge Runner in Just a little somthin for me!   
    Went to wallmart this morning ,didnt want to park anywhere where it may get door dinged so i parked next to a black hell cat and a RT that was same color as mine but with black stripes ,we all three had the same wheels ,i think this was the designated Challenger only parking space ,forgot my phone so i couldnt get a pic!
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    RPM reacted to Mach1 Driver in Is a bone stock 429 an upgrade to a mildly built small block?   
    You can get a crate engine from Ford that is a stroked 351 in 427 or 460, with a warranty, and it'll fit a whole lot better than a 429 that bounces off the shock towers:
    In any event, you'll be needing a 9" rear end, and that sure didn't come with a 6.
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    RPM reacted to mikee in 69 coupe from SVK   
    Broken heating housing repaired, and restored with new seals, finally all upholstery done and tadaaaaa. after 5 years back on own wheels!

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    RPM got a reaction from fvike in What are these?   
    To me they look like alignment dowels between the rear block and tranny. What size do they measure?
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    RPM reacted to Rich Ackermann in More Factory AC Wiring Questions :)   
    Here is a picture of the green wire with a black round female plug at the firewall. John is correct it is part of the harness that includes the wipers, tach wire, neutral safety switch, oil and temp sender wires, and PRNDL shifter light. The other end of the green wire should terminate near the airbox blower motor with a single square spade plug, along with a couple of other related green wires with square plugs.

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    RPM got a reaction from Mountaineerfan in A/C Thermostat switch question   
    Cool, just what is hoped for. A big thanks to you both. 
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    RPM reacted to Rich Ackermann in 1970 Convertible Restoration   
    Hi Vic,
    Yes, I used Ford 1971-73 rubber door jamb boots. They have plenty of space to run wires, they look stock if that matters, and they fit in the stock door jamb and kick panel positions on a 1969-70.  The factory grommet hole sizes are larger on a 69-70 than the 71-73. If you have the luxury of drilling fresh holes, than the kick panel hole is 1 1/4" and the door jamb hole is 1 5/8". You can use the factory dimples if you have them. IF you are retrofitting them into a door that already has factory holes, then I suggest cutting off the grommets from the 69-70 harness and inserting the 71-73 boot ends into each of the 69-70 factory grommets or inserting them into another grommet of similar size. I had a factory door and a repro door, so unfortunately I had to do one of each. Inserting the boot ends into the factory grommets worked well, but just for added assurance, I used some black 3m rubber weather-strip glue to make certain they stayed together.
    They are many to choose from on eBay. Here is a set of 1987 Ford boots that look to be the same as the 71-73 boots.. https://www.ebay.com/itm/325160428669?hash=item4bb512647d:g:n0EAAOSwwp1iZDXr
    Then again you could find a set of aftermarket boots.
    Below is a picture of the 71-73 boots installed in my 70 Mach 1 (Top Left) using the factory holes, Installed in my 73 vert (Top & bottom RIght), and a pair of boots (Bottom Left). 

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    RPM reacted to Vicfreg in What did you do to/for your Mustang today?   
    A big day off to the paint shop!

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    RPM reacted to TexasEd in What did you do to/for your Mustang today?   
    More interior work. I trimmed the rear carpet installed the rear fiberglass panels, got a custom color paint for the package tray and installed the rear seats. 

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    RPM reacted to Ridge Runner in Missing my 1935 Ford pick up .   
    I went on an expedition into the deepest darkest reaches of my shop ...people have been known to dissapear in there ,well not really ,but a lot of parts have mysteriously vanished there !
    I found 3 1937 hoods ,2  36 hoods and a bunch of headlights ,some with the stainless trim rings .
    I had forgotten i made rear fender molds ,and one side running board mold ,probably because right after i made the molds i found steele fenders ,and there is still more to dig out ,the green molds are for a model t go cart i used to build and may make again . I have to find a place to put it and keep it all together . 

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