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  1. Welcome to the forum, what year is your Mustang?
  2. Your good luck is starting to make a dent in all the bad luck you've had in the past few years.
  3. RPM

    Place Your Bets!

    Brahahaha...just yesterday I was thinking of posting this same thread. September 14.
  4. I went from 5° caster to 7 and didn't notice a difference. But my hands of stone might have sumpin to do with it.
  5. Outstanding! What a transformation from those first pics you posted. Kudos to you and Mike, and all involved. Adjust for final ride height? It looks spot on in those pics to me. Vic, if that you in the first pic at the back of the tow rig?
  6. RPM

    Bandwidth issue

    Are you asking if it's the third time it's gone down? If so, nope, more than that.
  7. Ya, that sucks for us Cali guys as he was just up the road in Fredno.
  8. I think I read that the missing airplane guy also made the fender extension broken tab glue on fix it piece. Wonder if JAK is making those also. Busch do you have contact info for JAK you can share?
  9. Nice progress. Ya, don't worry too much about those paint chips, they're badges of honor that show you drive your car. If we can just get @Caseyrhe over his fear of getting a paint chip maybe he'll drive his beauty.
  10. RPM

    Bandwidth issue

    And I'll thank you again Terry, but here publicly for having your daughter look into this. I'm petty sure she nailed it with stolen bandwidth.
  11. Does the C4 have any vacuum lines to it like the FMX?
  12. RPM

    Bandwidth issue

    I've got a few guy's emails and phone numbers that I contact when things go south. If anyone would like to share your info with me I'll keep you informed with what little I know.
  13. I've not heard of the center link causing bump steer issues, nor of anyone modifying it or changing it. IMO bump steer on our cars is caused mainly after we lower them, and do the Shelby/Arning upper control arm drop. When you draw a line thru the static location of the control arms and steering arm, they should meet in order to keep the angles correct, and not cause for in or toe out. Many people use a bump steer kit which allows you to move the steering arm connection at the spindle arm, which will reduce bump steer greatly.
  14. This guy forgot about installing the fender extension moldings before attaching them to the fenders. It can be done when the extension is bolted to the fender, but I'd rather stack BBs that do that again.
  15. My AFR 185 heads don't have much sealing area around the ports and between the bolts. After blowing out a couple of gaskets I cut vertical reliefs in the flange. No problems since with the then cheap Hedmans. Cutting the flanges was nothing compared to rerouting the tubes.
  16. Bump steer on our cars is actually bump toe in and out. On older cars with a straight axle the wheels would turn left out right when going over a bump. You can measure for toe change on your suspension by taking out the front springs, moving the spindle thru its arc, and measuring the toe at ride height, compressed, and extended. The only time my car was squirrelly was when I had too much static toe out. I agree that a taller spindle will result in a Shelby drop effect.
  17. Wow! That is quite impressive. Congrats.
  18. What setting do you have then at. I've got QA1 DS 501s on all 4 corners, for around town I've got them all on the softest setting.
  19. They mount from the back side. The clock bezel must be installed before the dash pad is installed, and removed after the pad is removed. I think many tabs are broken because people think the pad is removed on the passenger side like the driver side, by removing the top 3 screws at the top of the bezel.
  20. I hate it when life gets in the way of Mustangs. Regarding welding torch shake, when using a mig and after getting the pieces tacked together, use your off hand at the end of the torch to steady the path of the weld. When using tig, if you've laid down an ugly bead, go over the bead a second time with your torch hand as close to the cup as you can get. You can also steady the torch using your off hand.
  21. Regarding your bump steer: •What are the symptoms? •Have you done the 1 inch Shelby/Arning drop of the upper control arm? •Is your suspension lowered?
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