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  1. Passenger ejection seat. At least that's what I'd use it for. Just follow them wars to the prize. Good chance is not connected to anything after all these years. Welcome to the forum Steve, I take it you're from Ottawa. Most of us gezzers like to see pics of other's Mustangs, how about you post up a few, regardless of condition?
  2. RPM

    Bandwidth issue

    That was a pretty good run without getting the bandwidth exceeded notice. In fact I kinda forgot about that issue until I saw the notice.
  3. Yes it is. Here's some brake pedal info: https://mustangsteve.com/brake-pedals-identification-faq/
  4. This is the only product I had to choose from my shop.
  5. The stock AC ducts are above the steering column and behind the center support bracket. This pic is from a fellow member here with aftermarket AC.
  6. Well that sounds like a well engineered product.
  7. My list isn't mutually exclusive with yours.
  8. For the stock interior trim pieces I used SEM plastic prep and their paint without issue.
  9. Works for me too, but I only use my phone here.
  10. That extra cash you're gonna pay for an oem column just might be a blessing for you instead of being a guinea pig.
  11. I'll be your first paying customer for a set of those.
  12. Yup. Second belongs to Mustang Steve Wilkes, it's a 69 T5. The 70 vert is Doug Hudgin's.
  13. Ha! I wish. Since 2017 I've been attending the Mustang Steve Bash and this year it was in Gruene TX. Next year I'll be hosting in Bako, and all y'all locals ought to attend. My best guess is the first week of October 2024.
  14. Well, not into a car, but into Texas Ed at the Mustang Steve Bash in New Braunfels Texas on Saturday. What a great guy he is. Wish it was earlier in the day instead of as I went to my car to leave, but we had a great chat.
  15. Do you have a carburetor spacer you can remove? I removed mine and plugged the pcv hose into the back of the carb.
  16. Your Mustang looks outstanding Vic. Kudos.
  17. I don't even know if I installed mine. Maybe a bit of RTV to glue them in?
  18. RPM

    Place Your Bets!

    I mistyped when I entered 9/14, I meant to pick 9/24.
  19. Nice progress. I don't know about the 70s with aftermarket lights, but the 69 lights are a whole lot easier to install with the fender extensions removed. I know it's a little too late for that.
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