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  1. More good info: https://www.deadnutson.com/1969-70-factoids-1/
  2. Cool tip. I did not know that book existed.
  3. Vapor lock after ten miles, I doubt it. What ignition system you using? If points, have you checked the points and condenser? You can disconnect the condenser to test if it's the cause. Not using the condenser for a period of time will fry the points though.
  4. Oops, I was referring to the pull strap.
  5. Speaking of fuel pumps Mike, I just installed a Carter fuel pump which has an attached fuel filter. Saves some extra work. https://www.rockauto.com/en/parts/carter,M4009,fuel+pump,6256
  6. Thanks. The horizontal molding is handmade by my son, cuz there were a couple of holes in there that needed covered. He also made the entire door trim panel, as the arm rest came too far inward for my door bars to clear. The lower trim around the door handle is also handmade from aluminum. I do need to get a pull handle on it. Thinking about using one from a 67-68 Mustang. He thought the Mustang emblem would fit right in, which I think it does. He has a pretty good eye, and can weld like nobody's business. Ya, that steering wheel ring is too narrow for me also. And it gets slick with just a bit of sweat on your hands. I plan on getting a leather cover from Wheelskins. A fellow Mustanger has one, and they are a quality product.
  7. Love that look. I did the door inserts in the same silver as my gauge bezels.
  8. I just reinstalled mine for about the 50th time. The screw holes on the clock bezel on mine are not countersunk, they are flat.
  9. Pretty sure that was Zray on VMF. After a few overnight hotel stays with your Mustang parked in the lot, your level of anxiety drops considerably.
  10. Since the Bash began everyone parks at the host hotel, and hotels along the way. I haven't heard of one case of theft or vandalism.
  11. Yep, use them. They keep the upper winder from moving while at speed.
  12. No. I'm talking about if you have you car parked in the garage and rev the engine to where it would be at 45 mph. Do you get the vibration then? This test will tell you if the vibration is from the flexplate/flywheel forward, or from the transmission back, including tires, wheels, driveshaft, rear end etc. And have you done any recent work to your car?
  13. To narrow the search, does it do it while only in gear at speed, or does it do it while out of gear? Did you do any work to it prior to the vibration starting?
  14. Armor...Helmets... what the heck are you into?
  15. Nice work Pete. I figured you to be older than you look and sound. I love that chassis table, did you build or buy it? I like the idea of a big screen in the shop to search and view project info from a ways away. I just might swap out mine for a bigger one I have.
  16. Yep. Be careful what you wish for.
  17. I used a dynamat knockoff that has a soft rubbery material that does not absorb water. I used two layers in most areas, cuz more is better right? Including the one piece seat riser with center console. I used one layer on the inner door skins over the factory sound deadening material. So far (45,000 miles) it has remained in place. The carpet I used was the thicker ACC with the matting. I did have to trim the lower edges of the console to fit the seat riser hump since my console was for a non convertible.
  18. No, it will most likely be at a buddy's place above Hart Park and the Kern River. He has a nice place with some acreage and facilities. We usually hold it at local parks, but Bakersfield has smaller neighborhood parks that the needed facilities. The few larger parks require big fees which we aren't set up to cover.
  19. I visited a buddy out there several times while he did 10 years. The stories he's told me are crazy. Google the case, Tauzer Hillis.
  20. https://fyi.boardhost.com/viewtopic.php?id=13701 Here's a link to the host hotel booking page. The official Bash is Saturday October 5th, but guys start showing up Thursday afternoon to catch up with friends. There will be updates on the MustangSteve site up until the event.
  21. I fixed my power brake issues by going to manual brakes.
  22. Yikes! I wonder what caused that mess and when it occurred.
  23. Looks like real nice work. I do like the hood blackout.
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