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  1. I agree with Dave. I spent more cash upgrading my AOD to 4R70W specs than what a 4R70W swap would've cost me.
  2. Outstanding Jim. But you mention rat rod and junk, which I don't see. Hard to believe a wishbone survived all these years.
  3. Ya, I'd keep that R Code stock too, she's a beaut. Is that your red GTO in the background Michael?
  4. Damn. Sorry to hear that, and hope things work out for you.
  5. Hey Mike, welcome to the forum. I rolled my fender lips so I can't help you, but someone who can will be along with your answer. In the meantime we're a friendly bunch here, and enjoy looking at pics of members cars. A short bio about you and your car, and where abouts your from would be appreciated. Bob
  6. You're forgiven. Considering how those controls are so difficult to see. I had to take a dern pitcher to use mine correctly.
  7. Once you've done it over ten times it's easy peasy. At least you don't have the center dash vent duct to align. I found if I mark the windshield with tape or Sharpie I can get the three back edge screw started easier.
  8. Good to know, thanks. I picked up my under dash used parts that were already removed from the donor car, so I've been at a bit of a disadvantage.
  9. Not sure if this heps, it doesn't show the column trim. But I'm not home with my books with pitchers.
  10. Huh, learn sumpin ever day. Too bad that wasn't already posted. :) I read that about the S clip, but didn't quite get it. Thanks.
  11. Oy! I was totally cornfused by your first pic. I thought the first pic was taken from the seat looking at the dash, didn't realize the upper dash was out. DOH! I'd think this mounting tab would mount on top of the dash edge. Are there not holes in the upper horizontal edge of the dash with mounting holes? I know there are some for electrical wire routing. Unfortunately neither side of my ducts are using the mounting tabs, but have not come loose from the registers they mount to.
  12. Have you tried flopping the tube end for end so the tab is on the bottom and points to the edge of the upper edge of the lower dash?
  13. That section on my 69 didn't have a mount tab, but the far right duct had one that mounts from the bottom and towards the passenger. My tab was broken off, so... This image shows the orientation of the tab on the 69. Don't know if 69 and 70 are the same.
  14. Pretty sure Midlife answered it. It's the highlighted print in the original quote.
  15. Ya I noticed that a couple of days ago. What a transformation you've accomplished on your Mustang. Looking at your first pics of the car I couldn't believe you were gonna tackle that job. But with Mike at wheel the chassis turned out fantastic. Glad you joined us Vic.
  16. The simplist and without mods would be that C4, if he rebuilt it correctly. While it may not be the optimal transmission, I'll all for getting these Mustangs on the road without necessarily building the perfect car.
  17. I drive my 69 daily and would recommend stock factory parts. Preferably from 1969. I put many Mustang parts on my 69 from newer Mustangs, but it's a lot of work and sometimes affects a few other parts and modifications. If you want front discs I'd use some from a 69. I have manual discs, which make it easy to stop. My brother has manual drums on his 69 SCJ which work as well as mine. Adding power brakes sounds simple enough, but is a lot of work and involves different parts, pedal, pedal hanger, booster etc.
  18. Ya, this site has been running out of bandwidth towards the end of the month, but it seems to be shorter periods of time.
  19. I'm witcha Jay. If I get four years out of a battery I go buy a lotto ticket.
  20. I'd give the Standard Blue Streak a try.
  21. Wow! The best until today I'd heard of was my neighbor who got 12 years out of his OE on his Toyota pickup.
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