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  1. My girl turns 52 tomorrow, think I'll give her a kiss to celebrate.
  2. Clear as stinkin mud! Thanks guys, I tink I gots it fingered out now. I did have the above bolt installed from the start. Couldn't figure out why those bolts above weren't shown in the Osborn manual till I looked in the Body Assembly Manual, where they're shown, in addition to the Chassis Assembly Manual. Sheesh. Success, I think and pray. Thanks again guys.
  3. @RPM Do these pictures answer your question? Well, they made me take mine apart and see that the empty left circle on my pic of my bracket doesn't have any metal there to connect the bracket to the lower dash or pedal hanger. The two studs circled on the right of my pic are for the clam shell bracket which attaches the column to the bracket. Thanks @aslansfe
  4. Bolting up my steering column and can't remember or find a bolt that goes where the yellow dot in the pictures. I've got all the other holes accounted for including the hole directly across from the yellow dot.
  5. Either way. But it'd be easier for me to do it while the tranny is on a bench in front of me than lying on my back under the car.
  6. Yes I do run the QA1 coil over, #DS501 single adjustable.
  7. RPM

    Holy Crap

    No kidding.
  8. Well...me. Kinda stuck here with kids and grandkids close by. I'm enjoying them way too much. That and the weather. And no bugs or insects. There are a couple of places in Texas I'd move to in a heartbeat if conditions allowed it.
  9. Did ya ever find one? I've got one without the base.
  10. RPM

    Holy Crap

    Crazy price for 69 SCJ drag pack. My brother bought his for $13.5k.
  11. Phil, based on my research I'm convinced it's like asking what color to paint a car. Ron Morris uses 350# front and 150 rear. A couple guys I know use 300# fronts. I've decided to go the light spring firm shock route. All roads lead to Rome.
  12. Hurst sells a bolt on kit. You'll also need to bypass the neutral safety switch.
  13. After recieving multiple complaints about the numerous political ads, and not wanting to run off the talent, no political threads or posts will be allowed. Thanks for your understanding and compliance.
  14. I've played around with several from 150 to 210 lbs on my QA1 12" springs. I currently have the 210s on it which I'm happy with. I've got 325s on the front, and with a 1-1/8" front sway bar the car is really balanced at speed thru the corners.
  15. A bit of envy going on here. Outstanding work, especially on the stainless. I'll need your address to send a box full of stainless trim :)
  16. Ya that shaker is one of my better purchases. It was on a boat for sale on the side of the road. The extra height of the shaker thru the hood isn't too obnoxious, so I'll keep it as is. That's good to know info on the 95 amp single belt, thanks. Back in 2006 I bought just the cradle from Ride Tech for their triangulated arms. I made the arms and axle brackets pretty easily. It does make routing exhaust out the back a royal pain, but I like side exit. The upper arms are short, ~12", and less than 50% of the lower arm length, which is not optimal. The arms do eliminate axle wrap, and keep the axle from lateral movement. If I had to spend retail pricing for a rear kit I wouldn't do it. Thanks for the info Terry.
  17. 1) Weeell... I have a 351w and my $25 shaker is for a 428cj. So I thought the easy way (wrong again) to fix the fit would be to lower the motor. 2) Currently no PS or AC, but I'm collection parts for a mostly stock AC. 3) 100 amp, I think. 4) No. I lowered the motor and trans the same amount. But I have a triangulated 4 bar rear suspension which makes it easy. Ya, I can't leave well enough alone on my car.
  18. You are dead nuts on Terry.
  19. Ya, one of those unnamed avatar names is me, but I'm getting closer to undoing the electric fans and serpentine belt crap. I've raised the motor and trans back up at the expense of the shaker sitting higher than stock. But being able to run stock fan and dual V belts more than outweighs it.
  20. Welcome to the club Ray. You need to post two more things to complete your membership and recieve instructions for the secret handshake: pictures of your 69, and where you're located.
  21. RPM

    58 Tbird

    How old id your little buddy, 7 or 8? He looks like quite the helper, engaged and all.
  22. Ya... but Lee Majors kicked her out of the house. There's an old saying that goes... for every beautiful woman, there's a guy who's tired of £@#%ing her.
  23. Great news. Now do a smokey burnout in that B2 for us. And don't forget to post a pic for us :)
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