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  1. Demon, good job on the stang. how did you prep, and what did you paint the shaker with? don't know why you'd make roller bearing control arms w/o a way to replace the bearings.
  2. Thanks. Baking soda. Down side was having to blow out all the nooks and crannies, then wipe down the bare metal with a solution to remove all the soda residue. Seems to have worked well, as the paint has been on for years without issue.
  3. Yes you can use aftermarket rotors on them. They are the same size rotors, just made by other people. MustangSteve kit requires the use of 67/68 drum spindles to mount the caliper bracket. The 67/68 drum spindles have the mounting bracket on the same plane. 69 disc spindles have the caliper mount bolts 90* to each other. I too think bigger spindles would be in order, but MS hasn't seen any problems with his. Don't know what the oem cobra spindles look like. The 67/68 spindles are lighter (less material) than the 69. Me thinks the 13" cobra rotor is plenty big. oem on left, 13" cobra on right.
  4. Yes, I'm staying with the Indian red. too much orange for some folks, but I like it. My brothers father in law is a retired dean at fresno state and started the wine program there. I'm sure your brother knows of him, Harry Karle. My brother lives in fresno, but I located him a 69 down here in Bakersfield. turned out to be a complete R code with drag pak. guy was asking $12k, but when he washed it for inspection raised the price to $14k. still a steal.
  5. I was born and raised in Fredno. Did you move to Minnesota from Fredno? few pics of suspension, engine, shop I added on, rolled fender lip.
  6. Bought this M code 351W, 4bbl, FMX, San Jose built Mach I daily driver in 1989 for $2,500. It had rust thru on both lower rear quarters. Put in 2 lower 1/4 panels and did a $2,000 paint job. Drove it little over the next few years till it jumped into reverse one day while warming it up without the parking brake on. Ran over a concrete mixer, and stopped at an 8"x 8" gate post. Gate post won. Did the rear panel repair, farmed out the 1/4 repair and paint. Drove it little after that mainly because of a leaky and slipping FMX. In 1996 I stripped the car down to a shell, had it soda blasted, and took it to the body shop for body work and Porshe Indian red paint. Bored the block .030 over and stroked it with a Scat 3.85 stroke crank. AFR 185 heads, and a Stealth intake up top. Located a C5 trans to swap for the lite weight FMX. A 9 inch with 3.50 gears and traction lok bring up the rear. 13" 02 Cobra disc up front, and 84 El Dorado 10" disc in rear. Making tube front and rear control arms for coil overs. Built a 900 sq ft shop/pool room addition for the stang. Met a gal in 02, got married, did nothing on the car, just got divorced. Bout ready to get going on it again. Got the bug.
  7. Get the title in your name for the R code car if you can. Put the R code door with data plate on the R code car. Call the DMV and ask their process for a car with 2 vins like yours before you take it down there. Since the R code is on the fender apron, I'd try to get an matching R code vin plate for the dash.
  8. Tirerack.com among others has a spec chart which shows wheel width and recommended tire sizes.
  9. Thought I read 150-180# on the rear. Heidts should know a ball park figue.
  10. When the engine package kit I ordered from ARP was missing some bolts, I simply called them and they sent me the missing bolts. May want to try that with CJ.
  11. Boss 9 is the best looking engine ever! Sweet.
  12. Any top quality chrome shops in calif from LA to Fresno and the Coast to the West you can recommend? Thanks.
  13. How do you guys deal with the tab on the headlite bucket that bolts to the valance. Mine is missing.
  14. NPD has a place in Ventura. Where ever you go, take the drive down Hiway 1 from Monterey to San Luis Obispo. Simply beautiful.
  15. I found some pretty close lookalikes at the local Lowes.
  16. RPM

    Mach 428

    I also keep confusing the 428 with a 302. sheesh...
  17. RPM

    Mach 428

    I also keep confusing the 428 with a 302. sheesh...
  18. hey Grabber70Mach, nice look. which brand of wheels are you using? thanks, Bob.
  19. hey Grabber70Mach, nice look. which brand of wheels are you using? thanks, Bob.
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