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  1. Sooo.... did you make him cry Casey?
  2. Outstanding work, story, and love for your brother. With everything going on in your life Casey, we've got the Man of the year winner right here.
  3. Randy, dude, you said you wouldn't tell anyone about the parole deal.
  4. Hokey pokey? That sounds like Texas talk. Dude, that pic was taken about a hunert years ago and you want me to remember what was going on then? I did use those wheel dollies to hold the body up and be mobile, but never with the motor in it. No laughing Phil, I do have the power to ban you :)
  5. Keep those questions coming, I'm learning all kinds of things. I haven't used the stock outer tie rods since I rebuilt my car. These are 1970 spindles with a Mustang II taper adjustable stud.
  6. A good pic is worth a thousand dollars. Even my 20 year old cheap paint job can look good in a pic.
  7. Since they are a taper, wouldn't the taper angle have to be off to not fit? If the hole was just larger would not the stud just fit further into the hole?
  8. Outstanding family you've got there Robot.
  9. C'mon man, you're younger than me. I just put a toploader in my 69.
  10. Ya sure you don't want to drop that into a Mustang. I've got a 312 T-Bird Special E code with an alum dual 4v intake that'll fit nicely into your 56 :)
  11. On my current toploader swap with Hurst Comp Plus shifter and an automatic console, I had to remove the console mounting screws into the tunnel to slide the console left a bit to be able to reach the shifter boot screws. Ymmv.
  12. After buying my QA1s, but before driving my 69 I found the thrust bearings were available and bought a set. 6 months or so ago I bought a set of 501 bearing mounts. I've swapped out the rears, fronts await.
  13. That's interesting Roger. I thought I ordered the bearing mounts, but received the poly. I guess the box was misfilled.
  14. Bee you tee full! What's the plan on the stripes?
  15. Both front and rear shock for my home brew application.
  16. C5 C4 changes are inside the case, so any 6 bolt Windsor plate should work. C6 I doubt.
  17. Not the best pic, but I bought from Ridetech back circa 2005. It attaches the coil overs and upper angled control arms. Mounting spots are circled.
  18. Ya, those center consoles can be a real pita. Sometimes wish I didn't have one. Just remember, no good deed goes unpunished.
  19. How much for the front spoiler and vin decal?
  20. I can't recall seeing a Mustang rebuild where quality repairs were discovered. No wonder people are hesitant about bondo and buying a used car that's been crashed.
  21. Eddie, with conv inner rockers you're gonna be able to jack up both ends of the car with one jack on the side. So, I wouldn't mess with the extra work. I welded mine onto the face of the torque box like latoracing. Since I have a roll bar I didn't venture into that area.
  22. Hmm...I certainly hope you mean in talent, and not looks.
  23. Oops... then disregard my posts. I had toploader on the brain, and skim when I read. Sorry about that.
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