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  1. Pound that bent strut rod straight and run it. If not, I've got a pair of good used strut rods I'll make you a heck of a deal on. Don't know if 67 and 69 are interchangeable, someone here should know. Bob 661-749-3886
  2. Oh man, they started that scene too late. The prior post of that scene is neat. You know Gil Gonzales? No. That's his car you've got your butt parked on. https://youtu.be/1bIHxA8iSjQ?si=H75_2grrcss5rz4M
  3. Just spent right at an hour deleting those effing posts. Fun times indeed.
  4. Hey Jim, Robert, and any other locals, any of you guys going to the Visalia show this year?
  5. My replacement hood pins are stainless. I think the 69s visible hood pin assembly is one of its defining features.
  6. Heck of nice deal for someone.
  7. Hot damn Vic, that is quite impressive, and top shelf work.
  8. Hmm... just realized this site should be up again. If I forgot about it, pretty sure the casual observer is long gone. Even if we pitch in for a Captcha, how would we implement it? Has anyone received a reply from @bswor? The moderators have limited double secret powers.
  9. Wish I had half the number of shop/storage doors you have. You ever thought of using one of them for indoor blasting, or do you not do enough blasting to warrant it?
  10. Aw damn Jim, really sorry to hear about your doggies. Hang in there buddy.
  11. Glad I'm not on Eastern time and up before Phil gets to work. :)
  12. RPM

    Bandwidth issue

    Pretty sure only @bswor knows the answer John.
  13. I heated up a rod for the different sized holes. Worked pretty well.
  14. Really nice looking 69 there Flanders.
  15. No wonder we get along Jim. Ya, I get it Ed. I sometimes caravan with an older cat from the Mustang Steve site who's 80, and he's good for no more than 500 miles a day. Having family members is different.
  16. RPM

    Bandwidth issue

    Ya, I wouldn't hold your breath. Sure was a short month.
  17. Two days, one night. You taking the 10 or 40? Heading west, when I take the10 I stay in either Van Horn or Las Cruces, depending on when and where I depart. When I take the 40 I sleep in Gallup NM. Not fond of Gallup or any part of NM, but the 69 hadn't been stolen yet. My buddy is currently headed here from NW Ft Worth and spent last night in Flagstaff. I try to get as far as possible the first day, regularly doing 13-16 hours. But I'm an idiot, so...
  18. Better photos of the misaligned panels would help John.
  19. Yikes, glad you're health issues are behind you, hopefully for a while. That roof panel is gonna need some work from a knowledgeable guy. I've seen videos from a guy in New England who uses a shrinking disc to get the oil can out of a hood. I wouldn't trust that repair to a rookie. Here's the video, this guy is outstanding. https://youtu.be/RmLl5DTu-ek?si=p0KFODGREM447E7u
  20. I know next to nothing about shocks, but many folks over on VMF love their Bilstein shocks. Shaun from Street or Track says the Bilsteins he (and Opentracker) sells have valving designed for our Mustangs.
  21. Is the air filter gonna fit with your clearance mod? The air filter sits where the X is marked. At least on mine it does.
  22. Ah hell Jim, those welds are just fine. As is your work.
  23. Hey thanks. No pain from the tooth, and only pain in the toe when I walk.
  24. Too late for that. Had an upper left crown come unglued last night, my dentist has had 3 emergencies already this morning so I'm booked for tomorrow. And this morning when moving a couch pulled it back over my left toe. Afraid to look at the toe, that's blood on my sock.
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