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  1. Ya, inactive members who joined a couple of years ago have been the ones doing the current spamming. 

    It would be wonderful if we had more moderators to delete the spam posts and flag the spammers. But only Ben has the authority to add moderators.

  2. My first guess would be you don't have all of the air bled out of the system. On my external slave cylinder I had to unbolt it and move it above the master cylinder, use a C clamp to limit the slave travel, in order to bleed it completely.

    Did you buy a kit, or piece meal it together? If you bought a kit, I'd call that company for tips.


  3. Welcome to the forum Bryant! Welp, I'd probably use brute force and destroy a few hundred dollars in parts. You can remove the flexible fuel filler line that connects the tank and metal filter tube which is located in the trunk to add more gas. You might also be able to access the screws holding the cap to the rear body panel from inside the trunk. Maybe not. I'm assuming you're gas cap is the flip style. 

    How about posting some pics of your new pride and joy, and share a bit about you and your Mustang?


  4. John I couldn't get that tri panel area all lined up on mine, just did the best I could. Since the fender extension on all cars doesn't have the same curve where it meets the hood, and mine and others doesn't match the fender and valance, I'm thinking the fender extension was just made with the wrong contours.


  5. Hey there, welcome back. Your 69 looks nice. Be aware that the website lately has gone offline about halfway thru the month, the come back online on the first when the bandwidth is back to the monthly allowance. Several guys are on MustangSteve, VMF, and stangnet.com.

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