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  1. 44 minutes ago, TexasEd said:

    Magnum 500 wheels 15x7 in Front and 15x8 in rear from Summit (best price at the time)

    Cooper Cobra Tires are '235/60x15 in front and 245/60x15 in rear from Discount

    Front Disc kit from CSRP

    Rebuilt power steering from Chocko

    Suspension package from OpenTracker (I did the UCA drop and used the updated alignment specs)


    • 1" drop template
    • 1/4" Poly coil spring insulators
    • 560 1" drop coil springs
    • 1 1/8" front sway bar kit
    • Roller spring perches
    • Standard Upper arms
    • Standard Lower arms
    • Strut rod bushings
    • Steering kit with roller idler arm for P/S
    • KYB Front shocks
    • Grab-A-Track rear shocks
    • Black export brace (not installed)
    • Black Monte Carlo bar .. curved
    • Camber kit (not used)
    • 4.5 Mid eye 1" drop leaf springs with new U-Bolt, front eye bolt and rear shackle kit




    Where do these go?


  2. 4 hours ago, newstang said:

    Bob, go with a vintage air. by the time your done sourcing stuff it will be at the same price.


    Rob, I'm more and more wanting original Henry parts. Do they mate up in the same manner? Original holes and vents? And how about the controls? I do like the original manual cable controls. 

  3. I'm not sure what maximum backspace you can use, but 4-1/2 to 4-3/4" rings a bell. 

    Terry is correct concerning ride comfort. It all depends on what your intended purpose is for your car. For every action, there's an equal and opposite reaction. Going to even a 45 series sidewall you'll feel all those road irregularities. 

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