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  1. You can upload photos here https://imgbb.com/ copy the BBcode fill link, and post the link.
  2. Vic's photos that he couldn't upload.
  3. I've been busy here deleting spam and bots. Maybe I should leave them for some reading pleasure.
  4. I was born and raised in Fresno, moved here for a job in 1979.
  5. I wasn't aware you could get an intermittent wiper on a 69. I bought a used one from a 70s F100 off eBay.
  6. Seller is on Fargo SD, if it matters.
  7. Jim do you happen to know where he lives? I'm awaiting his reply.
  8. I misspoke. What I should have said is the part Ed needs is the chassis piece that the part you show bolts to.
  9. He needs the chassis part that the motor mount bolts to, not the motor mount.
  10. For those unfamiliar with the Mustang Steve Bash, here's a short video explaining it. https://youtu.be/ZNiwvOiZt6U?si=mPlCrqDuKhq5riFq
  11. This is the smaller front T-shirt logo. And this is the larger logo on the back.
  12. Ha! I don't know that trick either.
  13. How in the... Okay @jmlay, I don't get out much, what's the trick to posting an image? And thank you.
  14. Follow this link for the Bako Bash info and location. It'll be at Hart Park on October 12th. https://fyi.boardhost.com/viewforum.php?id=10 For those of you unfamiliar with the Bash, here's a short video explaining the history and what to expect. https://youtu.be/ZNiwvOiZt6U?si=OheKYs4mbnkCzCXq
  15. Mike I like the Summit 600 idea, and have been thinking of getting one for about a month. Speaking of hot, we've got triple digits predicted for the next ten days here.
  16. With AC and a clutch pedal in my car I can't imagine there's room left for anything else.
  17. I don't know about Phil, but I still delete a lot of bot posts.
  18. I hear ya Mike. In April I went to the Fabulous Fords Forever show in SoCal, and was also disappointed. Had to be a thousand Fords, but less than 50 classic Mustangs, and only one 56 F100. The show has been taken over by late model Mustangs.
  19. 38? Degrees? Holy crap, that is impressive, and outstanding! Kudos.
  20. What makes you think they're not too accurate? I don't think I've ever checked any measuring device for accuracy other than a level.
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