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  1. replacing my radiator in my 1969 302 mustang unclear on what kind of coolant the acp replacement takes or how much also not sure if it has to be waterless witch I've aswell heard if u can help me out please reply thanks!
  2. hard for me to see top of gas tank due to re-carpeting of trunk but heres some pics of the old and new gas caps new ones w/o vent
  3. i believe its not vented i haven't put it on yet how would i tell if the fuel canister vent is in? thanks
  4. this question might be a little out there but if anyone knows it would be you guys i just bought a scott drake replacement gas cap and my old cap has a rubber seal that the new one dosent but it dose have a card board appearing material under the twist lock where the gasket should be i don't think i should take it off because why would they put it there. I'm unsure but some one here probably has experience its a 1969 btw Thanks!
  5. will try and ill report back Thanks again! I'm sure ill be on here a lot
  6. gas and temp seems too work okay i do notice only on the oil pressure gauge the glass gets fogged for some reason. ps thanks for the help
  7. On my 1969 302 v8 i noticed a weird burning smell i didn't recognize and then noticed a small leak from my power steering pump out of the bolt thats sticks out i noticed theres still a lot of threading out i don't know if theres a certain torque i should tighten it too it seems too far out too have to be all the way in. if any one has advice id appreciate it!
  8. I recently bought my dream 69 convertible 302 v8 mustang and it seems to be running good sometimes needs a lil gas to start but the oil pressure gauge is always in-between or just above the low lines oil level is clean and full to safe line its not giving me a problem but i wanna tackle it before it dose. I would appreciate some thoughts!
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