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  1. Those screws were not present when i took it apart. One tab is broken. Thanks.
  2. What do the tabs on each side of the clock pod attach to? My car did not have any brackets for those tabs.
  3. Should there be any weatherstrip under the sill plate or do they do directly on the metal?
  4. Not in Texas, so no Whataburger here in Central AR though they have them in NWA now. For the lower plastic bushing, found that the pump tube in my wife's shampoo bottle fits perfectly and is slighter thicker than the original. Going to be funny to watch her confusion when a half full bottle stops delivering shampoo. :) For the upper rod, I will make a spacer for it.
  5. Does anyone know of a source for the upper pivot rods and the lower pivot rod sleeves? I actually have the upper pivot rods but do not have the thin metal piece that it is screwed to. Found Scott Drake includes them in a complete assembly but I have the other components so don't need the entire assembly. Also looking for the lower sleeves/bushings if someone has a source for something that can be used in place of those. Thanks in advance. Matt
  6. @dbmac I am experiencing same issue as you with the clearance for my TKO. I have the Ron Morris mounts as well so getting the engine positioned hasn't been a problem. Thinking of cutting the tunnel and adding a spacer to the mount. Wondering what you did to solve your issue? Also found this kit from Hurst to raise the tunnel. Any experience with this? Looks like it is designed for the situation. https://www.holley.com/products/drivetrain/driveline_conversions/tunnel_patch_kit/parts/69530000
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