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  1. Looks like a Holley 650 ?? Yes , you can change springs in the vacuum secondary, Holley sells a kit as does AED I believe. It ,ight also be a power valve issue, you'd have to check how much vacuum you have and compare that to the appropriate power valve required.
  2. PPG for me, DP epoxy and then high build. But don't fool yourself, ALL high build primers shrink as they cure reveling underlying imperfections. A bit of cure time after application and then a repeat wet blocking followed by a good quality sealer will work best. Drying is not the same as curing...….JMHO
  3. 69RavenConv -- I've seen them many different ways over the years, horizontal, vertical, and crooked. I think they were just slapped on however the line worker felt that day.
  4. Freshly restored Mach1 , R-code, 4-spd, Red with White interior. 3:50 trac-loc rear, Mag 500s $68500.00 nibrocpapa@gmail.com 540-809-0006
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