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  1. Next week she’s going in to install composite rear springs, white center console w cup holders & LED fog lights
  2. Any news ? The stock upper seat belts are ridiculous. I installed proper modern 4 point harness and some modern seats so they’re actually usable. Tossed in a NARDI steering wheel too for more COBRA DNA and cus stock wheel is nasty plastic thing. I’ve never had a car as popular as this. Everybody loves it.
  3. I’m just doing bolt ones. I installed a T6 trans, AC, ecklers shocks, springs, fat sway bars, BAER brakes on front, fake HALIBRANDS, NARDI steering wheel, Bluetooth, serious race harnesses & better seats custom upholstered. I got some new composite rear springs to stop the original springs from being so noisy. I’m just day dreaming. I won’t mess her up. She’s a beauty.
  4. The new Shelby GT350 & GT500 are beautiful cars. I love my 69 GT350 too but I have zero doubt a new Gt350 will smoke mine all day long in every category except looks. dropping a 69 Shelby Gt350 on a 2022 GT500 would be madness. Getting tempted to go there or maybe I just get a 2022 GT500 too.
  5. My first stage was front lowered EIBACH springs, shocks & fatter sway bars rear EIBACH shocks & fat sway bar. I also added AMERICAN RACING “Halibrands” wrapped in fat modern MICHELINS. She has front BAER brakes too. I have race cars so I just want a comfortable cruiser. inside I added Bluetooth, new speakers, NARDI steering wheel, and CORBEAU seats w custom upholstery and JEGS 4 point harness bcus the original upper harness is ridiculous to wear
  6. My Shelby runs great but the rear suspension makes nasty loud noises. Thinking of replacing entire rear suspension . Which one did you install and what do you like or dislike about it? Thanks i found coil spring kit and composite leaf springs. I used composite leaf springs on a 1968 Vette & they rode much softer than stock. I might try those.
  7. So she wanders a bit on the highway sort of esses down the road. I just have to be alert & bring her back to center. Nothing crazy like my 1960 Eldorado which is terrifying at 60 mph. What can be done to tighten the steering to prevent wander ? Thanks.
  8. Got the new seats in you can see the NARDI steering wheel there too. They work much better w the race harness that is mounted on the stock roll bar. Reupholstering them in white w the Cobra & blue stitching took MONTHS, IDK why. they are comfy too. Next issue is getting her to stop wandering in the highway. After I fix that I can add MORE POWER!!!!!!
  9. Lots of beautiful 1970 Mustang TRANS AM race cars were there. It’s always an amazing week.
  10. Thanks, my race starts at 2;32;55 here. I’m in blue Corvette DP # 09 SPIRIT OF DAYTONA
  11. I took a 1st in class at prehistorics last week. Today we took 2nd in class.
  12. This club wants cars to use livery cars ran in IMSA. FL not paying me but Im a Floridian and I love FL so Im representing FL here in CrazyFornia
  13. Racing at Laguna Seca at Pre HISTORICS Aug 7&8 and 12-15 at Monterey HISTORICS. CORVETTE is featured marque. I’ve always wanted to race this one and w CORVETTE as featured marque just makes it better. They made me change my livery to VISIT FLORIDA but I love FL so we’re good
  14. New seats arrived. Sending them to upholsterer to be wrapped in white leather w grabber blue stitching. I’ll finally be able to properly use the race harnesses.
  15. Keeping mine near stock. I added EIBACH springs & shocks from & rear and cut the springs w a saw to lower car. Handles like a modern car. Also added Halibrand wheels & modern MICHELINs wheels & BAER big brakes
  16. Brakes fixed, don’t pull anymore. Steering aligned. New seats ordered. Waiting on kit to stop T5 trans from leaking on the flatbed.
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