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  1. New rack & pinion being installed. Old steering system was totally worn out.
  2. It’s a restomod. I’m keeping all the original bits. Just making her better, more comfortable, & more usable.
  3. New close ratio steering box arrived cus old one is totally dead. I was sawing all over just to go straight. Also redid exhaust & iPhone connection shes been in the shop a month now. Miss her
  4. Sure China Joe & Kamaltoe are horrible BUT Bloomberg says Trump will win election and Joe & Kamaltoe will win the Cheat by mail a few days later. I have no doubt the Dems will try like hell to steal it as usual. God bless USA & Trump.
  5. Good luck to you both
  6. SHELBY69


    Looks great, like the cage. That’s a huge amount of work
  7. I had one installed in my 69 Shelby & 1960 Eldorado & it works well. A great Caddy mechanic told me to install an alum radiator so it blows cooler. I’m in MIA so it’s hot as hell here too April - Nov
  8. No but I noticed she’s not at my place...yet
  9. I know it’s not a 69 but it’s very nice
  10. From my cheerleaders the Hubbell Bubbles & my GT350
  11. SHELBY69


    Great, I hope the Italian mob kicks BLM & ANTIFA ass
  12. 1st Ammendmebt does not protect one from damaging property. Maybe graffiti but not breaking things. The Constitution does NOT give you the right to NOT be offended.
  13. SHELBY69


    Why aren’t WOMENS rights groups screaming about this ? They aren’t tranny rights groups they are WOMENS rights groups. I guess they only stand up for women as long as it suits their liberal masters.
  14. SHELBY69


    Now the BOY SCOUTS the libtards destroyed by packing it full of gay Scout leaders, girls etc are getting sued big time.
  15. I’m thinking of just adding a lumpy cam & headers for now
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