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  1. Do they all make a loud GRAUNCH should from rear left going over speed bumps? Sounds like drive Drive shaft hitting speed bump maybe ? she makes similar noise on hard acceleration like maybe an axle tapping a spring ?
  2. She’s back home today. New steering rack, not perfect but much better. 5 speed trans,. Louder, cooler exhaust rumble. still have to get stereo working & clutch pedal sticks on bottom
  3. I could not live w those goofy seat belts & they don’t fit me so installed proper race harnesses. Goofy seat belts still there. New steering shaft done, waiting for deluge to recede to take her to alignment shop. Can’t wait to drive her again. They redid the exhaust after the last clown made a mess of it.
  4. It’s not really Slow Joe & Kamaltoe. That’s the bait, the Switch is POTUS Kamaltoe who can then choose her VP like CA Gov Newsom who is Pelosi’s nephew & scum like Cuomo as AG. Then fill the FBI, NSA, IRS w ANTIFA & BLM Also AOC green new deal would end all gas powered cars & only 1 car per family. Also no commercial air travel, no beef. Sound like fun ?
  5. New rack & pinion being installed. Old steering system was totally worn out.
  6. It’s a restomod. I’m keeping all the original bits. Just making her better, more comfortable, & more usable.
  7. New close ratio steering box arrived cus old one is totally dead. I was sawing all over just to go straight. Also redid exhaust & iPhone connection shes been in the shop a month now. Miss her
  8. Sure China Joe & Kamaltoe are horrible BUT Bloomberg says Trump will win election and Joe & Kamaltoe will win the Cheat by mail a few days later. I have no doubt the Dems will try like hell to steal it as usual. God bless USA & Trump.
  9. Good luck to you both
  10. SHELBY69


    Looks great, like the cage. That’s a huge amount of work
  11. I had one installed in my 69 Shelby & 1960 Eldorado & it works well. A great Caddy mechanic told me to install an alum radiator so it blows cooler. I’m in MIA so it’s hot as hell here too April - Nov
  12. No but I noticed she’s not at my place...yet
  13. I know it’s not a 69 but it’s very nice
  14. From my cheerleaders the Hubbell Bubbles & my GT350
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