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  1. Tested the pressure with a test kit... everything looks good. I think it's just a bad sender for the guage. My idling pressure was 27 psi and with throttle it rose to 46 psi.
  2. Ok, thank you for the suggestion. I'm going to pick up a oil pressure tester and see what it tells me. I don't know how much I trust the oil pressure gauge.
  3. Hey all, I have a crate Ford 306 with about 3500 miles +/- on it and I've been having a strange problem. When. The engine is idling, everything seems fine but when I'm driving it it seems there's oil coming out of both he pcv valve and the breather cap. I replaced both thinking one or other could be the problem, but the problem still exists. I did an old change a few months ago and put 400 miles on it since. Any ideas of what could be causing so much pressure that the oil is leaking out or how I could possibly fix this?
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