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  1. gryngear


    Not a fan of that shade of green for the base coat. Feels like a mismatch. It doesn't complement with the body.
  2. We're working on making our Ford F-150 more off-road capable truck. We won't be installing the lift kit for now since we won't much have a chance to test it off-road. The project is not completely at a halt because we still get to replace parts that need an upgrade. Good thing we could still acquire parts needed to progress even in isolation. I'm just waiting for the black rock wheels I've ordered plus the tonneau cover to make the truck bed less of a mess. The tires won't be much of a problem since we have a selection of mud tires to spare.
  3. Great stuff you have there.
  4. That looks absolutely great. I'm not exactly fond of orange but I do admit that it looks perfect especially that shade. It truly is perfect for a magazine. Now I'm having second thoughts on what wheels to get at 4wheelonline. I want something similar to yours that is stylish and can handle pressure and intensity. I have to check more options though. Anyway, I would love to see more of your Mustang.
  5. Where did you get it? I'd like to look for one online if possible.
  6. That is truly beautiful. Nice looking car you got there.
  7. gryngear

    Checking in

    That looks impressive. I like it.
  8. gryngear


    Excellent work. I like the choice of Moto metal wheels as well; definitely looks great.
  9. You're right. That is fascinating to watch.
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