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  1. I hit the button and it show a burnout. Funny, I hit the button and se the video
  2. Still sorting out my Mach1 but finally took a few test drives after working on it for well over a year.
  3. Wow it looks great. What a nice guy you are for doing this for your brother!
  4. My valve is bad. I wish I would have rebuilt it when I had it off. I have decide that I am going with a wilwood adjustable proportioning valve.
  5. Well I have a Hurst Shifter to install but wondering if I mount the base of the console can I install the shifter and boot without having to take the console out again? Looking at your picture that looks like it is possible.
  6. Well I have to do mine. It's one of the next things on the list. So I will remember to go back 1.5". Look great.
  7. Well as soon as I get it back on the road the first thing I am going to do besides a Smokey burnout is let my wife Justyna drive it! She deserves it and nothing will give me more joy that to see her behind the wheel.
  8. The V-band on the drivers side pipe is done so I don't have to remove that side at the exhaust manifold. Keep in mind that with a top loader you have to snake the exhaust around the shift linkage and the clutch linkage. the way its set up now I can remove the whole exhaust in 10 minutes. Eventually I will move to long tube headers and install clamps at the header collectors and maybe add electric cut outs while I am at it.
  9. Restored lower front fascia and installed the front license place bracket.
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