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  1. I stripped the radiator support and repainted it
  2. I prepared the exhaust for install. Going with 2.5” pipe and Dynomax mufflers.
  3. I decided to go with the more beefy shock tower support brace I purchased from #scottdrake
  4. I ended up splurging on a concours alternator from Jack who owns Dead Nuts On which happens to be located in Fresno.
  5. I cleaned up the wiring and installed the washer system. Then I made up a fuel line I had for years ago from the Roush NASCAR Racing team and fabricated a bracket.
  6. My plan is to eventually replace out the cast iron manifold with an aluminum PI manifold I have but for now the focus is to clean and detail the engine the best I can and get it back on the road. Credit to my wife are jumping in and helping with the detailing.
  7. When I pulled the radiator I was hopeful I could have it cleaned and back in the car in no time. Well that was until I got a call from the radiator shop that the top and bottom tank were bad. So I ended up purchasing a new radiator from West Coast Cougar.
  8. Replacement of the water pump and refinished all associated parts. I decided go with a high flow cast iron water pump.
  9. As I made my away around the engine compartment I inspected each part and realized there was going to be many parts that would need to be replaced than I initially thought. I replaced the water pump, alternator, radiator and as the list got longer the bank account got smaller. I reinstalled the power booster and the master cylinder along with all new brake lines.
  10. Clean all the related parts.
  11. On to cleaning, sanding and painting engine compartment panels.
  12. Moved onto the support brace a little time in the blast cabinet the hammered it straight and welded up the crack, clean then paint.
  13. Found the tag that was on the wiring. All Ford! Will clean it up and put it back on the harness.
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