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  1. No staggered shocks or sway bar.
  2. Thanks! If you are Facebook you can also friend me and follow the build there. The original owner is following along and excited to see her original car come back to life. The Shelby Cobra was build at the old Las Vegas factory. It was the last Cobra built there before attempting to have them built in Mexico. The 427 side oilers was put together by a friend and myself using a Pond Aluminum block that was stoked to 482 ci which I purchased from Keith Craft. The edge rock heads have been extensively worked over and it runs a Blue Thunder intake with an 850 Holley DP carb. It produces 605 HP. The suspension was set up by Tom Barnard who is a skilled master at setting up Cobra's for track use with custom valves shocks and springs. It has won many awards and has appeared in magazines and in Calendars.
  3. I ended up finding a new hood since the original is a rusted mess! The hood came off an original restored 70 Mustang GT that they converted to a Shelby replica.
  4. Thank you, the Mach1 honestly needed to be saved. The neighbor told me he was so happy to see someone buy it and it would have just continued to deteriorate. I am push hard but also workout of state so if I am lucky only home on the weekends. My wife reminds me this is a long term project.
  5. Hi everyone, I am a new member to 69 Stang Net. I am in the process of restoring a 69 Mustang Mach 1 S code which was a one owner car. Car was ordered in fall of 1968 when she was 25 years old living Hayward CA. The 69 Mach 1 was ordered with power disc brakes, 4 spd, AM/FM stereo, with no power steering. She drove the car daily till about 2000 and then parked it in the driveway where it sat for 19 years under a car cover. Irony was her husband bought a 69 Chevelle 396 4spd that has also been sitting in the driveway for almost as long. At some point she had the Black Jade paint sprayed over in black. The paint looks like it was done at factor-bake or Earl Schieb! I have restored several mustangs in my past and also own a 427 Shelby Cobra. I had a 67 Shelby GT-500 that I regret selling and this in my revenge for selling the GT-500. You can also follow the restoration of my Mach 1 on Instagram @morgans1969mustang Marti Report.pdf
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