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  1. prayer 1: I assume all the voltage reading are off the battery terminals. Unplug the headlight, get a voltage reading from the + feed harness, with negative test leads touching the body. do another reading with negative test lead in the harness. see if you get any discrepancy. Keep in mind the original fuse box under the dash only require a 14A fuse for the headlight, so you don't draw a lot amps for the headlight.
  2. Either you have a leaking brake cylinder, or a malfunction master cylinder ( the plunger seals inside the master cylinder is damaged)
  3. "They all claim they are the best" just buy the cheapest from O'reillys or Advance Auto Parts, with lifetime warranties. Keep your receipt, if fail just take it back. Keep your original if you still got it.
  4. Let me know whatever you install, like to know does it do any good on hot engine. What works and don't works ?
  5. In my younger year , I would probably preferred the lowest gear possible. So I can smoke the tires , and ludicrous mode on take off. Now I don't even drive on the freeway fear of rock chips. My 3:50 don't feel lazy in first gear, its a factory standard ratio for the GT-350 4 speed. Unless you are still young at hart, that would be different situations.
  6. I'm very happy with my 3:50 rear axle, close ratio toploader With 351W. Driving around neighborhood sometime I don't even use 4th gear. Going from 3:89 to 3:70 is not going to make a lot difference for a lot of works. That just my opinion.
  7. Check www.speedcooling.com they make aluminum radiator for Mustang with, or without fans. Sorry to hear about your loved one passing.
  8. Just remembered, you must replace the shift lever arms on the transmission to use the Hurst shifter. Because the reverse is left-forward, where the stock shifter is left-back. Probably is good idea just to replace the arms and linkage with Hurst shift lever kit #3737637.
  9. Check YouTube on Hurst Competition Plus shifter adjustment, it very informative.
  10. Just installed the Hurst shifter on my car, Shifter will not go into reverse if the 1,2 or the 3 4 gear are not in neutral position. Hook up the reverse linkage only and try to shift see if it works. The 1,2 and 3,4 must be in neutral.
  11. I have stock horns and rim blow steering wheel. I placed a relay between the radiator support and the battery, hidden from sight, without do any cutting to the stock wiring. Unplug the female horn connector insert a male blade connector, connect the other end to the relay. From the relay run a wire with blade connector, and plug into horns, From the relay run a short wire to the starter relay, place a inline fuse for safety. The horn work great now, before the relay it sound so goofy I was embarrassed to honk the horn.
  12. Microfiber sounds good, if you can do little simple sewing to make it fit little more snugly, easy machine wash to get rid of dust. I like the idea.
  13. Try NO-Ox-ID special electric contact grease, improve conductivity and fight corrosion.
  14. Download the 'family locator' app onto yours and spouse phone. whenever leave the car, hide the extra phone in a secret place it act as a no fee GPS locator even the car got towed
  15. Removing the gas tank too much trouble, and fire hazard. I usually take the distributer off and carry it with me. For GPS I let my insurance policy handle it.
  16. It could also be the float bowls gasket is leaking. I would clean up the mess real well first. Start the engine let it idle, so the carb is under pressure. See if you can detect any dripping, or seepage while engine running. With engine off , leave overnight see if you can detect any wet spot next day.
  17. It could also be a bulb issue? Try to replace one bulb at time see if you can isolate the problem. Sometime the contact in the socket oxidized and cause mild shortage, clean contact area with dielectric grease. Last solution, get a voltage reading on the bulb, and radio terminal
  18. Was doing mobile automotive touch-up for 17 years, its impossible to get a exact match on metallic or mica color. Even you have the original paint from the paint job. You can only adjust the color little lighter, darker or more greener, yellower. When you spray the paint, the metal lay flat and reflect light. when you dab the paint it sink to the bottom, appear darker. My suggestion to you is apply with a touch-up sprayer, or airbrush. Even with this technique you need invest more material such as basecoat reducer, clear coat, hardener , clear coat reducer. the end result might not be satisfactory. I would just touch-up the best could be done and live with it till next paint job. Sorry I know is not what you want to hear.
  19. Can you do this to oil pressure gauge? my replacement meter don't match the sender unit. It read 100+ when idling.
  20. I had similar issue few month ago. car just started sputtering on the road like run out of gas manage to get home, wont start anymore. install fuel pressure meter to confirm pressure in line, which is good. Check and reset the float level. Checked all the wiring to the coil and is good. for two weeks try to figure out whats the problem. No spark to the spark plug. The final solution, I purchased and installed a Petronix ignition system along with a recommended coil. The car started right up without even cranking (normally need two or three try) Not only it run good , it rise the RPM to about 1200 idling., had to readjust the carb to bring down the idle speed. The engine run like new now..
  21. Put your old contact switch back, see if that would stop the squeaks. NO-OX-ID electric contact grease its better than dielectric for electric contact .
  22. I don't think solenoid is the issue here. solenoid contain no moving parts , except a magnetic coil. next time when not starting, jump a wire from battery to the ignition terminal on the solenoid see if that works. its more likely a lose wire connection some where.
  23. Can someone help me please, need to know if you can remove the rear main shaft without removing the rear bearing first? . Don't have a bearing puller, just want to replace the synchronizer blocker rings. Thought about removing the front bearing with 4th gear first, then removing the snap ring on the main shaft, and removing one drive gear at time. Then take out the main shaft from the top opening.. Can this be done, or I need get a bearing separator ? any help is appreciated.
  24. I got a feeling the price of classic and collector car price going to drop just like stock market. I will wait.
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