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  1. With your experience, what would you do in my scenario? Delete it and go without the proof out circuitry? It's not critical to overall performance, I can live without it. Or ground it somewhere accessible and ... see what happens? Or get the 71 switch. My understanding is there are some differences, splicing of wires.
  2. One off year so I can't replace it. The ground wire came loose from the plastic box housing. I'm afraid to open it to reattach, as I've heard horror stories of things spilling out easily. I read somewhere that the ground was added to prevent theft when the car is in the OFF position. So logic would dictate that if I simply deleted the ground, the only problem I'd run into is if someone tried to steal it down the road (which can be cured with an alarm system). But is that right? Or should I ground the wire to the body? I'm in the reassembly phase and want to make sure I do this right the first time. THANKS
  3. And the Hail Mary is ... completed! Mike's had them. They'll be in the mail as soon as my money order gets there. Thanks again for the help. I was just about to try to make my own.
  4. Thanks Ted! Just called and left Mike a message. I'll report back with any progress.
  5. They weren't on the car when purchased. I've looked everywhere, including used mustang parts dealers. Post was a shot in the dark that a 70 expert might point me in the right direction. Next step, look to manufacture some form of replacement.
  6. I've done a lot of searching and come up empty. Anyone have any guidance on sourcing these metal strips and brackets that hang the under door rocker moldings? Thanks in advance.
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