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  1. Thanks! Yup the fuel injection is awesome.
  2. Thanks, thats what caught my eye!
  3. Vic, I bought the car with the FItech installed. I have been reading on a few forums about tuning but have not fiddled with it much, I found some youtube videos and info on a chevelle forum also. It does start well cold and hot, so far I love it. Sorry I dont have much info right now.
  4. That color is beautiful, cant wait to see her on her feet! Great job...
  5. The stripes are mate/flat finish. i really like the look and handling of the low profile tires but they do give a very stiff ride and in a 50 year old car fairly noisy. when i do the floor pan work i will add sound deadening. i priced replacement tires and should be able to get them for around $200 a tire. The 18" & 20" rims seem a little pricey but it handles great. i am looking into rolling the rear fender lips so i can drop the rear 2", its a little too high for my taste. The front fenders are already rolled.
  6. Thanks, much appreciated. Much of the work is done, some knick knack stuff but eventually i will need to address some floor pan issues and cowl issues, right now we will enjoy it, she runs great.
  7. Thanks, those are Twister Stripes, non reflective, I removed the Twister Logo from the rear fender. the previous owner installed those, it originally was grabber Green with the reflective C stripes from the factory. The front tires are Nitto 245 40 R18 on American Racing Torque Thrust II and the rears are 275 35 R20, I do not Know the back space yet, I have not removed them.
  8. Thanks looking forward to learning from you guys.
  9. Hello all, I just found this forum and I am looking forward to finding lots of information. Glad to find folks how love the same cars we love. We bought our 1st mustang 9 months ago, we found a affordable driver quality car we can enjoy. Marti report says it was a Grabber package in Grabber Green with white interior, 302 Auto, AC, PB, PS car. We bought it just like this painted 69 Silver Jade, we added Vintage Air AC. It has a built up 351c 4VCC, FItech fi, nice comp flat tappet hydro cam. Looking forward to sharing and learning. Jeff
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