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  1. 1969 Mach I roller, no original engine/tranny, which was 351w / FMX. Numbers are: 9R02M, 63C - P5 - 3AA - 21E - 51 - 9 - X. Comes with all-aluminum Boss 302 engine parts (will be 348 cubic inches), Viper 6-speed T56, 31-spline 9" rear with magnesium Mark Williams carrier with 4.56 gears and Gleason/Torson posi. Also included extra doors, hoods, fenders, bumpers, F&R valances, trunk, taillights, etc. Body is solid except for torque boxes. Has all seats and interior, needs resto of course. Really nice project for someone. Not for someone who has to have an original car. I have lots of photos but it's better for you to come and look. Geez, I just realized I didn't put a price. $22k OBO
  2. Hello All, first post here. Several projects but none finished. This current project/problem-to-solve is: I want to use a T56 behind a 302 block. Although I have not bought a T56 yet, I have a few parts that I think are essential to this. I have the old Borg-Warner 302 T56 bellhousing, and I have the midplate #1386-672-005 . I think this setup uses a traditional fork & throwout bearing. What I'm not certain of is the tranny input shaft, so this is what I need help with, which one ? I guess also the crank pilot bearing. I want to have a 2.66/1.78/1.30/1.00/.74/.50 tranny, so the input shaft has to be 31-tooth. I believe I have several choices when it comes to buying a core tranny, so at this point I'm not concerned with that. Amazingly, there is not a great deal of info on the internet, that I can find, about a 302/T56 combo. Any info on this wii be GREATLY appreciated !
  3. Hello, newbie here. I just tried to search for info on T-56 swaps, came up blank. I'm probably doing the search incorrectly. Anyway, I have 69 fastback project, originally a 351W/FMX Mach 1. Decided on doing a Boss 302 / T-56 swap. The T-56 I have is a 1992 Viper, but I have a 302 "bellhousing". So I need to learn what mods the tranny needs, and I think it just needs an SBF input shaft, and the proper output yoke. I'm not sure about the clutch linkage either, haven't looked real close yet. Would prefer a conventional mechanical clutch linkage. Speedo output also not sure yet. Anyway, appreciate any leads or links. Thanks much !
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