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  1. Dave R. , I'll keep PBBE in mind. I think because of my configuration I would need to do a slight mod to the z-bar to use the stock Bendix. It's really tight in there. 1969_Mach1 stated above how he had to mod his to get it to fit. Today I had some time to do some more internet reading and car measurements. I'm starting to think that the dimensions of the Tuff Stuff 2225NB could actually work. Rsanter in earlier posts said he put in one like the Boss 429 booster and it fit well. From what I can read I think that 2225NB is about the same as the Boss 429 booster. It's a 9 inch booster (wide) but only 3.75 inches long. This would put the master cylinder almost 3 inches further back towards the firewall. If nothing else, I would think I could pull the MC without having to remove the driver's seat, lay on my back and remove the booster nuts under the dash and then try to pry the booster to angle the MC so it can clear the shock tower! I must have replaced the MC 4 times over the years and it has never been any fun. I'm wondering if anybody here can jump in if they have any experience or knowledge with replacing the brake booster with those 9 inch Boss 429 style ones like the Tuff Stuff 2225NB for example. By the way, I now do think the clutch linkage rod will fit ok with that style booster, since Boss 429's came in 4 speeds. Ed
  2. Thanks rwcstang. That was an interesting video. My first thoughts would be to keep the Bendix. But since I installed the aftermarket Borgeson PS box, which caused me to get the modified z-bar to fit over the steering box, it seems like the Bendix booster may be interfering with the top of the z-bar. Seems once you modify anything, it is a cascade effect to everything else around it. Good argument to staying completely stock I suppose. I did see someone I think it was Machman in a post that seemed to have my same configuration that modified the z-bar again to get it to fit. I might be able to do that but it is really tight in there. However, the idea of putting a shorter booster like the Tuff Stuff model 2225NB may fix the clearance to the z-bar, with the added benefit of being able to remove the master cylinder without interference to the shock tower. Might be a nice fix. Still not sure if the 9 inch Booster would interfere with the clutch linkage rod from the clutch pedal to z-bar. Anybody else out there with any thoughts on this? Thanks, Ed
  3. Hi Rsanter, I just joined this site today mainly to ask about your mustang you mentioned with the Tuff Stuff Brake booster. Is it the Model 2225NB or 2225NA? I would guess it is after looking at the Tuff Stuff site and Summit. My real question is do you have it installed on a Manual transmission or Automatic car? Here's my situation with my car. 1969 Mach1, PS, PB, 4-sp, removed 351W and now have (1970) 351C 4bbl. I just removed the factory PS and steering box. Installed a Borgeson PS box. Currently installing a new Z-bar for Borgeson from Open Tracker Racing. The z-bar clears the Borgeson nicely, however it's range of motion is between the factory Bendix brake booster and the Borgeson "side" which gives about 3 inches of travel. Not sure if that is going to be enough. So i thought if I could fit the Tuff Stuff 9 inch booster, 2225NB, it would sit back closer to the firewall and allow my z-bar greater travel. However, I can't be sure if the Tuff Stuff 9 inch booster would interfere with the clutch linkage rod where it comes through the firewall. So that's why I was wondering if yours was installed on a Manual or Automatic vehicle. Any thoughts would be appreciated. Thank you in advance. Ed
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