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  1. Thinking about relocating my 3rd brake light from the trunk deck to roof top. Any opinions?
  2. I started with a flat piece rolled it with English wheel, bent a 1" flange at top to "hook" over the window edge and then rolled the perimeter with rounded bead roller. I have to grind and sand the edge to fit door yet. Then going to add hidden fasteners.
  3. Getting closer to finishing the interior. Made my door panel and armrest today. Gonna run 1/4" polished aluminum strip around top with vertical pleats above armrest. Thinking about making a separate panel at bottom similar to where the carpet is on a 69 Mach I. Might put stainless or aluminum in this area instead of carpet.
  4. Thanks! Not sure what you're asking but the top of doors are stock. I did put a new door skin on to make up for the difference in height. If this doesn't answer your question, let me know more specifically what your referring to and I will try to answer. I made the mirrors out of 20 ga sheet metal. They house the power controls from my 09. I have transferred everything ( power windows, locks, etc) from the 09 into this build.
  5. Thanks for the welcome. Looks like a lot of cool projects...not sure why I never came across your site before?? You are correct, the wheel base is a little different and the body is wider. I widened the quarters and front fenders then split the inner door and widened them. The doors are stock '70 length but are taller than stock. I can post specific pictures of them latter today or you could see the entire project on Mustangs to Fear Forum page. I'm building this car because I prefer the old school look but like the modern conveniences that come with the 09 (drive train, suspension, brakes, lighting, A/C, etc). I love the challenges that go with it and am doing it for fun. After completing the body, I decided not to go with the stock 09 dash and wanted to build the interior from scratch except I'm using a headliner from Mustangs to Fear. My dash is basically done and now I'm working on the rear seat area. My plan will be to wrap a lot of it with leather. I've included a couple more recent pictures of it.
  6. I was surfing the web, came across this site and it looks like a lot of nice projects. I will try to post a few pictures of my project. It's a 70 Mach 1 setting on a 09 Shelby gt500. I've got most of the exterior fabrication completed and started making the interior. Hope you enjoy the pictures.
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