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  1. Are all driveshafts the same in principle, just the shafts not the yokes. Need to cut mine down but was thinking of just buying another one and keeping the one i have as it is. So the question is, can i take any and modify it. Currently I have a 4 speed toploader and a 9" rear. C
  2. Thanks Guys I think I've got this covered now. I'm going to put a separate fuse block near my regulator to feed the fans, fuel pump, turn outs plus any other future accessory's . C
  3. At the moment my fans run all the time when ignition is on, so I'm happy to have them cut out once the ignition is turned off. Mach 1 thanks for the diagram.
  4. Mach 1, thank you, it is marked 30 its a poor photo sorry. The amp of each fan is 8 amp so i guess 16 amp is being drawn when both fans are in the run position. Do you know if i can access 904 from the engine bay or am i best going from the ignition switch.
  5. Lol. The blue and green turn my fans on when the sniper asks it to, after i set the temp for each fan on the hand held
  6. I think that red and green wire (904) on my diagram is going to your voltage regulator .
  7. Can anyone with some good knowledge on electrics please have a look at the attached and tell me if I've set this out right of the holley sniper. Sorry its just a rough sketch. Was thinking of using the feed to the relays from the ignition as a fuse block to also feed accessory's . Any help would be appreciated. Craig
  8. You can keey your power steering no problem
  9. I have a 69 428 manual steering, does anyone have a full parts list they used on their own 69 428 I need a pump bracket, pump, lines, hydroboost, remote tank with two returns, master cylinder. Theres so many variations, is there a one stop place to get everything i need without going to various different suppliers.
  10. Going for a full turn key Street or track disc set up, so looks like i will be stopping after all.
  11. Think I want to go with wilwoods back and front. Car is a 69 originall a 302 but now has a 428 so not much room for a brake boost as the rocker covers are quite tall. It has a 9inch rear axle and has 15 inch wheels the current discs are a summit racing one pot drum to disc conversion so a cheap set up. Has anyone got the same set up i want with no brake boost and are happy with the stopping power. Craig
  12. If I had a super cobra jet R code without the original engine, would this just be worth the same as a mach 1 with a 428 none original engine or is there something special about the scj body.
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