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  1. It took me a minute to see what you meant, I couldn't see the tabs in the front. Thanks a ton! Glad to know it's not some weird one off haha Now I just need to source some replacement rods. CJs sells some for the CV but claim it won't fit the coupe, so back to searching. Thanks again!
  2. Hello! First post here, and most definitely not my last. I applied for abandoned title on a 69 coupe that had been sitting on my family's ranch for 25 years, left there after it was wrecked and gutted. It's in really rough shape, and I've slowly been amassing parts and knowledge to breathe new life into it. I've learned a lot, but a few things still stump me. First is the trunk hinge. I have searched, and have found examples of hinges that use torsion rods and hinges for Fastbacks, but I have not found anything about the hinges I have. It looks like they had coil springs once upon a time, like the FBs, but the box enclosure is throwing me off. Does anyone have any insight, pictures of what it looked like before it was gutted or a link to replacement springs? Thanks in advance, Alex
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