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  1. Hello, My wife and I are new to the forum, Although I've worked on cars since I was a kid, I'm now in my 50's and completely restoring a 1969 Mach 1. My wife really wants to be included but admits to being impatient and overwhelmed with this mass project. I'm now giving her the task of locating parts and browsing forums for assistance of which she's GREAT with asking questions and finding things for me. Hi, this is "the wife, Debbie" Currently we are replacing the rear window and seems that we're missing an important piece --- the weather-stripping. The window is currently glued with NO weather-stripping to seal the huge gap. This is how it came when we bought the hunk of a car. Does anyone have any recommendations as to: 1. How to get that glass out without breaking? 2. How to install weather-stripping and window? My husband is GREAT with "figuring things out along the way", while I need to have instructions and understand where things go... and plan ahead... I know, I know..... it's tough for me to "wing it" and in the car hobby, it's hurry up and wait, figure it out, wait for the parts, figure it out, order more parts......etc. etc. Not sure this is my thing...YET. BUT I enjoy being a team with my husband. Thanks for help..... much appreciated!! I have a new found respect for ALL of you Car Gurus out there....this is tough stuff.
  2. Thanks very much for your quick and thorough reply. I installed a double roller timing chain and the cover rubs exactly as you described. Didn't know if I could just do without it, but apparently I can and will go forward now. Thanks for sharing your knowledge. Jack G.
  3. Can anyone educate me about the purpose of the crankshaft sprocket cap? Trying to find a timing chain cover that will fit, but no success unless I take off the sprocket cap altogether. Will this work or do I have to have that cap on there for performance? Thanks in advance, Jack
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