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  1. What size exhaust pipes did you run? 2 3/4"? 3"?
  2. I have a stock 351W in a 69 Mustang convertible with three speed automatic. The engine is basically rebuilt stock with a Edelbrock 1406/600 CFM carb and stock exhaust manifold. I'm looking for suggestions to boost horsepower in increments. Exhaust? Intake? I'm open to any and all suggestions. Thanks!
  3. I see a lot of recommendations for the Heddman shorty headers. Any issues with them leaking?
  4. Mine is a 69 351W as well but has automatic transmission. Any idea if I'd have any clearance issues because of the automatic? Just out of curiosity, what did you use for mufflers?
  5. Just curious why you opted for a shorty header as opposed to a full length header? Was it simply to avoid the clearance issues? Do they provide the same level of performance as a long header? How does it sound with the Magnaflow mufflers? Thanks
  6. What is the 20% promo code if I might ask?
  7. Thanks for the comments. Sorry for the late response. I should have added that the front has already been converted to disk brakes. The car is new to the wife and she is having a hard time with the manual brakes so I'd like to convert to power. I did see Vicfred's comments on the master power brake conversion kits and will contact them directly as suggested. I will likely buy their recommended kit and have a local shop do the conversion. Thanks!
  8. I have a 69 mustang convertible, automatic, 351W. I'd like to have a local shop convert to power brakes. Currently looking at a Master Power Brake Conversion Kit on CJ Pony Parts for $388. I would purchase and have them do the installation. I have no experience here and do not want to buy something that is poor quality or does not work. Any suggestions or recommendations here?
  9. I have a 69 standard convertible, automatic with stock 351 Windsor. The exhaust is stock and would like to add a little horsepower and improve the sound of the exhaust...give it a nice rumble but still be able to hear the radio. Any recommendations on headers and exhaust?
  10. Any idea where to find a template for the door mounting location? My model has never had any mounted in the doors?
  11. That makes sense. What about any recommendations for the actual replacement radio? I see some options on Classiccarstereos.com. Any other places I should be looking? Thanks again for the input.
  12. I greatly appreciate the ideas. Some mentioned dash speaker(s) as in plural. I'm only seeing one location for a single speaker in the top middle of the dash?Barnett468...I like your ideas and think I definitely need to add at least two more speakers, if not four to get the sound I want. I'm not sure where you're talking about in the rear quarter panel plastic and have to cut sheet metal? Keep in mind this is a convertible. Would it be just below the snaps behind the window roller in the first pic? I appreciate the input!
  13. Recently purchased a 1969 convertible and would like to install a nice sounding radio with speakers. Any suggestions on a reasonably priced, quality radio with Bluetooth and Aux input? Also suggestions on where to mount the speakers? I'm only seeing an original dash mount speaker in this convertible unless I'm missing any other original speakers somewhere. Anywhere to mount speakers in the back?
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