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  1. Guns and stangs. Stangs and guns. My wife of 45yrs said "Pick one hobby". I did. I guess that is why my 2 Boss 302's are still not finished after sitting for 40 years. I just thought cars were a bad habit. I feel refreshed knowing that we still have such good people in the Greatest Country on Earth. Tell everyone to vote-unless they are liberals. Friends if you are not ready you should get ready.
  2. Damn Ridge is there anything you cannot do. I do believe you would tackle any project. Most of us are just jealous and wish we had a set of brass ones like yours. I think I can hear yours clanging together all the way out here in Texas
  3. Beautiful work. Super craftmanship. Anyone who cannot appreciate this hood should give it up and join a Hudson Hornet forum.
  4. We used to swap over to solid lifters and enlarge some oil passages and restrict some others to keep more oil on the crank. Hydraulic blocks oil the cam before the crank if I am correct. FE depends on an improved oil system for longevity .It has been a long time since I played with those old motors. A windage tray is also a great addition to an FE.
  5. Thanks for the reply Caseyrhe. About 20yrs ago I bought a set of front Boss302 fenders. They were the real deal with the rolled fender lips and still had the stripes on them. My paint/body man said he could reskin my doors. I'll keep you in mind as I think I know a guy who could use the doors.
  6. Hey Casey glad the tornado missed you. I was coming back from the drags at Ennis and got caught by a hail storm between Denton and Decatur. It did not do a lot of damage to my 2013 GT/CS. A little further north in 1979 a huge tornado left me with a heavily damaged 69 Boss302. I hope to get it back on the road soon
  7. Hi all. My name is Rod. I need info on 69 Mustang sheet metal. I want the best I can get. I own a 69 Boss302 that was heavily damaged by a HUGE tornado we had in 1979 here in north Texas. I am ready to get my Boss back on the road. I have owned this car since 1973. My wife and I were married in 1975 and drove this car on our honeymoon. It;s the only car we owned. I need both rear quarters,a hood,a roof, and asst. other parts. I will need 70 quarters as the 69 Boss does not have the simulated vent behind the door handles. I have checked Dynacorn and they sound like they sell good metal. I have three 69 stang bodies but do not want to cut them up for parts. Any info will be appreciated. Thanks----Rod
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