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  1. You can check out the color of my engine. It was named as Ford Corporate Blue.
  2. Sure you had found your solution after that amount of time but I am using flowmaster mufflers with complete chrome exhaust with x-pipe. The sound of the big block v8 is amazing. Some people say the magnaflow was better but this setup makes me happy enough.
  3. Here comes the video of the first ignition! Don’t panic, the smoke is coming from the 50E93344-B0A3-4DAC-8F8B-D12A2A791BEC.MOV 50E93344-B0A3-4DAC-8F8B-D12A2A791BEC.MOV manifold because of the brake fluid poured on it. 8C48A744-06BC-4520-84F0-3EB2B41F9C4D.MOV
  4. Because of the new MSD Pro-Billet Distributor is higher than the original distributor, I wont be able to use my beautiful Cobra written air filter. Now I have 14 inch round Edelbrock filter cap with K&N filters. You will be missed Cobra filter...
  5. Hello there. I have 205/60 /16 on front and 235/60/16 size tires on back of my mach 1. I dont want to change my rims. I dont know the rim size but they're 16 inch magnum500 rims. What is the maximum size that I can use for this car. It has its original suspensions. Thanks.
  6. Find out that the brakes are not working well. New westinghouse, brake center ordered.
  7. All parts gathered up back again with complete gasket kit. Engine block painted to Ford Corporate Blue.
  8. We ripped all the engine out. Find out that the cylinder heads are in bad condition and valves need to be changed. Cylinder head rectified and new valves were ordered. Crank, pistons and combustion chamber were in good condition. New piston rings added.
  9. After some test runs, we found out that clutch is not working fine. Engine has some ignition problems. And the power steering is not suitable for this vehicle. Then we decided to take the engine out to work easier in those parts. And we ordered complete MSD Ignition kit, clutch kit, BORGESON power steering kit and roti kit.
  10. Interior updates started. Complete heat&sound isolation installed. Back of the seats restored. Leathers were in great condition. Added AUX in. Fixed cracks in inner fender covers
  11. Front bumper lip arrived from USA. A bit of body work was done just for perfection. Also FlowMaster mufflers, x-pipe and complete custom chrome exhaust installed.
  12. These were photos from the first day we had the keys from its prior owner. Paint and body work was in very good condition. Interior has some little issues to be fixed. Engine and undercarriage must be overhauled. Lets begin.
  13. From now on, I am posting the progress of my 428cj project with many photos as possible.
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