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  1. the driveshaft was renewed and now we see that probably we have to check the differential as well. But the play is not big. The hit by going into D or R was the same bevor the overhauling.
  2. hi. I do not have the tach. the engine is matching number 351 with 4 barrel carb. the carb is Holley 750 with electrical choke. when the engine is cold it revs quite high and when warm I think it revs still to high even we tried everything to get it lower. on the video you can here the engine warm - one of first starts after rebuild regarding the experience - I am living in Poland and my workshop has a lot of experience with oldtimers but unfortunately mostly Daimlers. They forgot to check the under pressure lines and the gearbox didn't want to change to 2nd and 3rd... I had to tle them what to do... so I think it is not good idea to let them check the modulator... 20191025_134028.mp4
  3. Yes it did it. I thought it was the drive shaft play but it was done and it is pretty much the same. What Valve do you mean?
  4. Hi. After a long time my car is almost ready to drive again (unfortunately I had to rebuild the engine). I have a problem with FMX - it is jerking when going into drive or revers. The hit is quite huge. Beside this it is working very fine. What could be the problem?
  5. I have the standard instruments without tach. Maybe it is just the belt lamp - it is on the right by fuel/temp gauge. But I do not see the option in my Marti report. BTW - the car was imported 2 weeks ago from USA to Poland where I bought it, but I still do not have it in my garage. I am waiting for the import procedures to be finished. meanwhile I try to prepare myself for eventual problems I have seen. It looks that I was worried for nothing :-)
  6. my is 69' April. I think it is a Windsor. for sure with 4V (290 HP). Is the time normal? I have seen many videos of starting such car but there was not warning light by turning the ignition on - was it disconnected?
  7. Hello I have just bought an 69' Mach1 with 351M engine. I have an issue. when I start the engine the oil warning light go for 2-3s on and then off when the pressure idle reach middle of the scale (between L and H). Is it something I should be worried about? that is my first Mustang and don't know what I should think about. Engine runs very smoothly...
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