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  1. Wow, thanks everyone for the feedback. I appreciate it. Also appreciate everyone's recommendations for Randy/Midlife. Speaking of Midlife, your reputation is legendary. Appreciate the information and the help. Just to make sure there's no confusion, I've been driving the car for the last 3 years. I've only had a garage for the last 4 months, which is why I'm looking into working on it much more since I have the benefit of the space now. I just figured it'd be good to get in there and replace everything as an opportunity to learn about the car more. But the adage of "if it's not broke, don't fix it" is true. Would it be better to just pick a smaller project, like upgrading the headlights, and work with the current wiring as an opportunity to learn about the car and wiring in general?
  2. Hi everyone, As mentioned in my previous thread, I've just started working on my car now that I have a garage. Everything's working fine, but I was considering having my next project be wiring. I came hear to ask - given my current level of expertise - if I'm insane to be taking on a task like this so soon. The reasons I considered doing wiring next are a few. First, besides small wiring upgrades for dash components that failed or when I upgraded the AC to Vintage Air (all done by my mechanic), the wiring hasn't been touched and (to my knowledge) is stock. At some point, those wires are gonna fail, and I'd rather have the peace of mind knowing the car's got brand new wiring across the board; wiring I installed and know how to troubleshoot. More importantly, I felt like this would be a good project to really learn my car. I'm gonna have to go through every area and take apart / reinstall the dash, doors, trunk, etc. If I can pull this off, I feel like sky's the limit. There were some upgrades I considered in the future primarily for safety reasons (LED headlights, maybe Dakota Digital Dash) and figured this would be a springboard for when I'm ready to undertake those projects. All opinions/advice appreciated. Thank you.
  3. Thanks for the extra advice aslanefe. I'll definitely do it that way when continuing to tweak. I noticed that even the slightest of distributor turns yielded a big difference, so going two degrees at a time makes sense.
  4. Both, honestly. Tuning the carburetor for the first time a couple weeks ago gave me a good sense of what the engine likes (and driving it lean for some time gave me an idea of what it should NOT sound like). Plus, I had watched enough YouTube videos that provided what I should be hearing for while tuning. When I started focusing on ignition timing, I started with Midlife and Mach1Driver's rpm recommendations. Luckily, the lines for top dead center and 10 degrees BTDC were clearly marked on the harmonic balancer, so I ended up landing somewhere in the middle as the current sweet spot.
  5. Thanks to everyone for the help. Got the timing dialed in (running around 800rpm’s now) and the drive is much better! Might do a little more tinkering, but I think the ignition timing did the trick!
  6. Was able to get the timing light working. Here are my RPM readings so far at 6 degrees BTDC: Warmed up (in Park) - 1950-1980 When in Drive - 986 Back to Park - 2010 What do you guys think?
  7. Great, thanks for the input. I forgot to mention that I have a Petronix electronic ignition (it was installed by the previous owner years back). Does that change anything with how ignition timing is adjusted?
  8. Just so I'm understanding correctly, would getting the timing right help with how the acceleration is feeling? Feel like it takes a little more foot on the pedal to accelerate ever since the previous mechanic increased the rpm's.
  9. Agreed, I need to get that vacuum gauge on there. The manifold rubber gaskets just weren’t giving when I tried to pull them out. Maybe I just wasn’t forcing it enough.
  10. It’s a 351 Windsor with a Holley street warrior carb. Happen to know any good tutorials on how to install a tach?
  11. I know it’s a very easy thing, but happy to report I tuned my carburetor today. Only did idle mixture screws, but the car was running a little sluggish and I was able to fix it with just 3/4 of a full turn on each side to richen the mix. Baby steps to bigger things, but it’s something! I had bought a vacuum gauge but had issue removing the rubber gaskets of the manifold vacuum port (the port is also a little blocked by the Monte Carlo bar I previously installed) so wasn’t able to take a reading. Sort of want to work on acceleration next. After my last professional tune-up, the mechanic told me he increased the RPM’s. Ever since then, feel like the car needs a little more throttle to go and the pedal feels a little firmer. Would adjusting the idle speed screw help that? Thanks to all for all your help!
  12. Thank you! I have a Holley Street Warrior and was looking for some videos. Much appreciated.
  13. Do you happen to know any good videos on Carb tuning? That’s one of the first things I want to learn.
  14. I see, interesting. Thanks for the info! How was reliability with EFI? Did you ever experience any new issues after installing?
  15. Thanks for the examples. Definitely something to think about. I'm a ways away from it at this point with my current knowledge base, so I have time to think it over. What motivated you to originally add EFI to the 69 Grande?
  16. I've gone back and forth with doing EFI. I'm hoping to drive the car more regularly and, living in LA, I've heard having EFI helps when stuck in bumper-to-bumper traffic and cuts down on warm-up time, idling irregularities due to external circumstances (weather), etc.. I know these are small things, but over time it compounds.
  17. 351 Windsor. Besides putting in a bigger radiator everything's pretty much stock there. Petronix ignition system added by previous owner. Via a local mechanic: Modified suspension (Bilstein front and rear shocks). Did the arning drop and added monte carlo bar, export brace and front sway bar. Those are the big changes at this point.
  18. Fair point, thanks potato. I've actually stayed away from starting any body work, etc. for this very reason :)
  19. Thanks guys. This is all really great advice. I prefer to be self-reliant and I was surprised, and also happy, that you all feel the same way. Brian Conway: Good starting point re: Plugs, points and condenser and oil change. Chances are, I'll start there. (P.S. Apologies for the delay. Had a bout of food poisoning I got over.)
  20. Hey everyone, Have a bit of an odd question and I'm probably overthinking it. So, I've had my 69 Mach 1 for 3 years now. I love it, but when I first got it I didn't really have a place to work on it. So when getting it up and restored, I had to do it through a reputable mechanic or just let it sit. The goal of having this car was being able to learn about it and work on it myself, but I decided to get the car safe and drive-able. I now have a small garage and want to start doing some modifications (EFI being one at the top of my list), but I know I need someone to show me the ropes. I could watch a thousand YouTube videos (and I have), but someone has to look at my particular Mach 1, what's been done to it (before me and after) and really hold my hand through this process. Plus, I want to learn by doing. Has anyone ever looked for a mentor to help them learn about their car? I don't really know anyone locally, so I'm thinking of joining the local chapter of a mustang club here in Los Angeles. If anyone has any additional advice about how to learn about my car so I can start working on it myself, that would be great. You guys are the pros, so just thought I would ask in case there's more to consider.
  21. Hi everyone, Moved into a new house and my garage is pretty tight when it comes to backing out. I'm looking for back-up camera options for my '69 Mach 1; potentially something that I could stick on and install myself that doesn't require an Al & Ed's-type service or any dashboard fabrication. I know there's a ton of options on Amazon, but not sure they would work with a 69. If anyone has been in a similar boat, please let me know what you did. Thanks!
  22. I live close to Burbank. Know that's a couple hundred miles away, but if you got any good referrals I'd be happy to look into them.
  23. Thanks J's69Mach1 and det0326 for the questions and advice. Hi det0326. I have an electric choke. Even if it was hanging, would that explain the clear smoke and gasoline smell? Think you may be right about the fuel pump having gone bad, J'S69Mach1. The car is currently in a 2-level underground garage (moving in a month to my own private garage, ironically enough) so I have to deal with towing. Is there anything I could do on my own just to get the car going and get it to the mechanic without having to tow?
  24. Hi everyone, Woke up to a weird issue with my Mach 1 (351 Windsor, carburated). I was out of town for a few weeks and so the car was sitting in the garage for that time. Turned the key and the engine just wouldn't start (though the ignition did work). Thought I might have drowned the carburator, but even clearing the carburator didn't seem to start her up. Finally got the car to start, but the engine sounded really sluggish. Pulled the car briefly out the garage, but that sluggishness just wouldn't go away. Then I noticed I smelled gas and a plume of clear smoke started coming from the exhaust. Got the car parked in the garage again, and turned off the motor. Tried again an hour or two later with the same issue. So, I can get the car to start, but the engine sounds weak and I keep getting that clear smoke/gasoline smell coming from the exhaust. Checked the oil and the dip stick is reading that the levels are fine. Even the oil seems to be pretty good. It's a little dark, but there's no grime or anything. Wanted to see if this sounds at all familiar to anyone. Any advice is appreciated. Thanks!
  25. Thanks dmck. I'll be sure and do that first.
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