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  1. Thanks dmck. I'll be sure and do that first.
  2. Thanks everyone for your feedback. It's sounding more and more like the starter. It would also make a bit of sense. When I pulled into the gas station, there was a small pothole that I dipped into on the right side. Maybe that knocked something loose wiring-wise and is causing the heat soak.
  3. Hi everyone, Had a weird experience with my '69 Mach 1 that I'm trying to pin down. Here's the timeline over the last week: The day after New Year's, I took my girlfriend for a ride for about an hour. Filled up the car and accidentally over-filled the tank; causing some spillage. No issues on the ride back and everything seemed fine. Yesterday I took the car to the gas station to buy something in the convenience store. Come back to the car 2 minutes later, and when I turn the key, it doesn't start. Try it one more time and I get something; almost like the car has just enough juice to ignite one more time. It sounded like the starter was barely providing power to the engine. The car starts, sounds relatively normal (though maybe a little lower than normal for a typical idle) and I drove home to my garage about a minute away. I get in my garage and turn off the car. I try to start the car again right away and there's no ignition at all. The seat belt and car lights are on, just no ignition. Try multiple times with the same result. At first I thought it may be the battery. Tried giving it a jump but nothing happens. So I basically rule out the battery being the culprit. Next Day (about 20 hours later): I go down to my garage to examine the ignition and to take some video for this forum. I turn the key without even putting my foot on the pedal (it's still a carbureted 351 w); just to see if I get any reaction out of the starter...and the car starts right away! Again, I didn't even put my foot on the pedal and this is 20 hours after I last drove the car. Tested the starter a few more times and the car starts every time. Haven't driven it around yet. So now I'm stumped. What happened yesterday? As a small note, it's a getting a little colder here, but I live in Southern California and we're talking somewhere in the low 60's, coldest. So don't think that could be a factor at all. Any guesses or responses appreciated. Thank you.
  4. Hi everyone, Was driving and–somewhere along the way–one of my hood pins came loose. Luckily, the pin stayed but the nut and washer flew off. Can anyone tell me the size/dimensions of the nut and washer that goes under the pins? Thanks!
  5. Yeah, that's the thing. The current one I have is fitted. It's just too thick and bulky to take on and off every day. The microfiber sheets may be an option I should look into. Thanks @TexasEd
  6. Hi everyone, My 69 is in a shared private closed garage. It's safe from the elements, but I'd prefer to keep it covered to avoid attention. Is there a car cover or sheet out there that can simply drape over the car? I already have a weather-proof/thick car cover, but it's a pain in the ass to take on and off. I just want something I can drape over the car with ease every day. Any options out there? Thanks.
  7. Is this what I basically need? https://www.cjponyparts.com/redline-lumtronix-headlight-power-upgrade-harness-for-four-headlights-1969/p/HVU2/
  8. Thanks for the info CapeMustang. Looks like this could be the culprit. I'll look into installing relays with the info provided here.
  9. Hi everyone, Just replaced my headlights in my 69. Drove it for about 40 minutes at night, then hit the freeway. Was on the freeway for about 5 minutes or so, averaging 50-60 mph. Right as I was exiting, I noticed my headlights begin to dim, then shut off completely. Then they came back on. Right after, I drove down a main street for about 2-3 minutes with the lights still going in and out; fighting to stay on. Finally I flipped the light switch in and back out; which seemed to do the trick. No problems for the rest of the night, but I didn't get back on the freeway. What could be the issue? The car drove fine the entire night; even during the headlight issue. My interior lights stayed lit as well; never dimming. Thanks,
  10. Thanks everyone for your help. Got the car back over the weekend, and did some experiments. Cold Start (sitting for a day or so) – 2 Pumps. Crank. Warm Start (Within half an hour) - Half a pump. Mid-Way (about an hour or more) – crank and press down about 3/4* By the way, is there anything wrong with cranking, then adding gas? I know it's supposed to be reversed, but was just curious if it makes a difference. Thanks!
  11. You may be onto something here. There was one day where temps were unusually high. After about an hour, I started the car and it acted as if it was flooded. Had to put my foot down on the pedal and crank until it started running. Also, we found the throttle cable retainer was broken at the carburetor bracket, so that's being replaced as well. Could that have contributed at all?
  12. Hi Roger. Choke is set and works fine. So no matter when you were starting the motor (cold or otherwise) two pumps is all it took?
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