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  1. Thanks Bob. I live in LA, so not too far from you. Pics attached! And thanks to everyone else here for the advice. I'll get under the car with a buddy and see if I can diagnose any current issues.
  2. Hi everyone. First-time poster and brand new Mach 1 owner. Just got my Mach 1 a couple of months ago (351W automatic) and really loving it. The previous owner(s) kept it in relatively good shape, and I only had to make a few modifications to get it drive-able. The steering wheel has quite a bit of play in it, and I've read various posts about how to fix the issue. I replaced the Power Steering Control Valve and hoses (they had been leaking; not because of the play), and that helped a little. However, I'm still feeling enough play that I want to nip it in the bud. Short of adjusting the screw at the top of the gearbox, what are my best options to tighten the steering? Does it fall more to replacing/upgrading the steering box and/or the steering column? Thanks!
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