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  1. looks great.. thanks for the reply I really appreciate the help. I was able to make the old lines work for a temporary solution. I will redo them all when I get the car home. going to tackle the fuel lines tomorrow.
  2. hey Rich. I'm converting my drum/drum to disc/disc system from MP Brakes. My original brake lines come straight up from underneath. It looks like I may have to bend the front brake lines to connect to the valve. I don't have the original setup so I can't look at if for a reference. My question is did you buy new front brake lines or modify the old ones? Are these pictures the latest setup that you did? Thanks.....Rich R
  3. thanks for all the input guys. still trying to decide on which ones to get. I need to make a choice soon so I can get the exhaust mounted. I'm so indecisive. lol
  4. Rwcstang-looking to get 500hp NA. I live in Denver so that may be tough since there not much air here. I’m trying to piece the car together and then I’ll do the motor then the paint. Forgot how much work these old cars take. Lol. I’ll look into FPA stepped headers so I’ll get as much info from them that I can. I appreciate all the help. Thanks Kyle T- how much hp are you making?
  5. they are 1 5/8" The only thing stamped on them is a 48. I need to research that So far it is a stock motor but I'm going to stroke it to a 408. I was replacing the headers now because the original exhaust was cut out (rust) and I replaced it with magnaflow. I appreciate the help and hopefully someone else with Unisteer will chime in. Whats your thoughts on a y header?
  6. sorry guys I know this has been beaten to death but I need to purchase asap. I have a 69 sportsroof 351W/4 speed that I have installed Unisteer rack and pinion on. I took off the old headers and my new headers didn't fit with the shock towers (too wide at connection flange). should have measured them instead of taking someones word. lol. anyways, these are the old ones. Does anyone recognize these or can someone recommend some that have a 3" width (tape measure is at an angle) that will work with Unisteer? Called Sanderson Headers but the guy wasn't quite sure if they would fit without adding another knuckle.
  7. Can someone post the diagram for the clutch and brake pedal assembly please. I’m at the shop and my books are at home. tia.....rich
  8. thanks everyone. Lastly, any crate motor builders you guys recommend and 2 5/8 or 3" exhaust?
  9. rebuilding the 9" small bearing so I haven't picked a gear ratio yet, going to add a TKO 5 speed. a lot of the highways are 75mph so maybe 3:50?? its going to be a street cruiser that will be driven on the highway also. No racing at the track but I do like to go fast. lol I live in Denver and will be driving it in the mountains also weekend driver, I would like a more high revving car since I'm used to that in my cobra, but this isn't necessary I would like a little lope but nothing too major. I'm willing to sacrifice horsepower for drivability and reliability. I've got some time to get all the parts needed. I just need to figure out which way I'm going to go so I can purchase the transmission, AC, radiator, exhaust etc. Thanks barnett468
  10. thanks for all the info. this is exactly what I'm looking for. I'm looking to get 430-500 hp and my budget is around $5k
  11. I have a 69 Fastback 6 cylinder that was converted to a 351W. I have a 428 out of a tbird that I'm thinking about replacing the 351w with. I'm looking for suggestions and experiences in doing the swap or should I just stroke the 351 to a 408? Its been a while since I've owned an older mustang and they all had Windsors in them. Any suggestions on exhaust and headers would be greatly appreciated also. Modifications-Unisteer rack and pinion for big block (on order), TCP rack and pinion, TCP subframe, 9" small bearing rear, MP disc brakes (front and back), Tremec TKO 5 speed (waiting to order until I figure out which engine). Thx Rich
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