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  1. heres a few pics of the booster/master ... looks like the original ?
  2. it looks like the master and booster is shot ... im not sure if the car came with power brakes or a conversion kit was installed. the car has many mods done it by the previous owner.. 351c, c6 trans..... is there any way i can be sure which booster and master i should get? will part https://www.summitracing.com/int/par...0206/overview/ fit? whats in the car now looks similar ... same pedal etc i ve attached the marti report of the car.
  3. Hey I have power brakes on my 1970 mustang, the car has been modified before I bought it ...351c engine c6 trans etc is there anyway I can know if the car came with power brakes or a conversation kit was added ? I've attached the Marti report
  4. the brakes got weaker...had to pump the brake pedal and actually stop the car
  5. but the brake pedal does not stick and feels like the booster gone?master cylinder?
  6. the brakes on my 1970 mustang completely failed while driving... power brakes, disk in front and drums rear... it was working fine but while driving last night slowly faded and just completely stopped working ... no visible leaks, brake fluid level not low ...but there is a hissing sound now every time you press/pump on the brake pedal where do i start?
  7. Hey guys , im looking for a complete set of 351c 2v heads , closed chamber preferred , redone valves / springs .would need to be shipped internationally. Thank you
  8. cars starts up , runs and pulls hard no issues there but im losing oil with no visible leak? could it be a internal intake manifold leak sucking oil in?
  9. the car does not miss... runs real nice and yeah , i had a shop here run a compression test and it looked fine
  10. No, it starts pinging under load if I advance the timing and it has a msd pro billet distributor with vacuum advance
  11. if i increase the timing rpm increases but the car starts pinging . the car runs perfevt now bt will the oil consumption?
  12. hey, im getting a vacuum reading of 14 at idle, is this low?as rpm increases the reading goes up .... 351c 2v with edelbrock intake and comp cam 256H camshaft... car starts up and runs real smooth ... there is a slight engine vibration. Also im losing engine oil... no visible leaks/smoking, could it be the intake is leaking internally? but the car runs/drives real good. thank you
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